New Zealand Food Network

Providing people in need with healthy food, through sharing bulk surplus & donated food.

LocationNew Zealand

Issue AreaSocial Services

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Our Mission

To ensure everyone in New Zealand has access to healthy, nutritious food while reducing food waste through sharing bulk surplus and donated food. NZFN aggregates food in safe ambient, chilled, frozen facilities to support vulnerable and food-insecure members at no cost.

The Need

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold and the cost of living rises, it is expected 1 million people in New Zealand will not have access to affordable and nutritious food. Meanwhile, tonnes of nutritious food ends up in landfills every year. NZFN redirects surplus food to Kiwis in need.

The Solution

NZFN efficiently and safely captures and redistributes bulk surplus and donated food nationally. The centralized DCs receive food groups and other essential items that are repackaged into parcels to be sent out to their network of Food Hubs to reach the communities they serve throughout NZ.

Our Impact

Each month, NZFN distributes around 600 tonnes of food (1.7 million meals) to food hubs across the country. NZFN estimates they are feeding almost half a million people every month. NZFN also prevents more than 780 tonnes of CO2eq from entering the atmosphere each month.
For NZFN it’s a collaborative approach, by working together with food businesses and hubs – they can ensure good food isn’t wasted and instead delivered to where it’s needed most.
The benefits of the services for Food Donors are:
  • One single point of contact to move bulk volumes of surplus food
  • Retain their current relationships with Food Hubs
  • Make a significant difference to local communities and those in the greatest need nationwide
  • Make a significant contribution to waste minimisation targets
  • PR Opportunities

The benefits of the services of Food Hubs are:

  • Simple system to receive food as it’s required
  • As more companies channel bulk stock (currently going to waste) through NZFN, Food Hubs receive more food
  • Food Hubs receive a wider variety and can provide more balanced food support packages to their community
  • Food Hubs can redirect their funding from their food budgets to support their other services

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LocationNew Zealand
Issue AreaSocial Services

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