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National Yang-Ming University (NYMU)

LocationChina - Taiwan

Issue AreaEducation

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A New Generation of Medical Talents

Founded in 1974, National Yang-Ming University, formerly as National Yang-Ming College of Medicine, has been adhering to the school motto of “benevolent mind and art, putting knowledge into practice” while training excellent humane doctors to provide service by solving medical problems in remote and rural areas. NYMU aims to make good use of its teaching and research capacity to educate and train future experts and leaders in the discipline of biomedicine. NYMU is also continuing its development in the field of biomedicine which has already won international attention with the goal of beginning a new era in education and research at the top international level. They do not only offer many opportunities for intercollegiate studies and cooperation to help balance the education provided in medical science with a humanistic touch, but also many chances for international exchange to enhance the students’ international perspectives. They attempt to cultivate professionals with a wide knowledge and expansive humanistic concerns, who will help improve the quality of healthcare in Taiwan and promote the development of the biotechnology industry.

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