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Nokor Tep Foundation


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Giving women the care they deserve

Nokor Tep Foundation supports the newly opened, 200-bed Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital–the first of its kind in Cambodia. Through its programs and focus on gynecological and oncology services, Nokor Tep aims to fill a longstanding void. The vast majority of women in Cambodia do not have access to medical care and suffer in silence from numerous undiagnosed conditions.  When they suffer, their families and society suffer as well. Nokor Tep Foundation believes in the value of each woman’s life, and its vision is one of treatment, education and prevention for a healthier and stronger Cambodia.

The Foundation seeks to further develop the Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital’s facilities, including surgical, obstetrical and intensive care units, and to build outreach via mobile clinics in rural areas. It also aims to provide expert, on-site training and education to medical staff and to develop a research unit for the study of illnesses affecting women in Cambodia. An important mission of Nokor Tep Foundation is to support the hospital’s Solidarity Fund, which allows it to provide free and/or subsidized medical care to patients in need. Because of the overwhelming need for medical care in Cambodia, the hospital recently decided to open its doors to men and children as well. Nokor Tep hopes to serve as a model for other developing countries.

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