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As of 2015, 44 per cent (6.8 million) of people in Cambodia did not have access to improved sanitation
Children continue to be stunted and to die from preventable illnesses because they do not have access to clean water, toilets and hand-washing facilities.

Studies show that simply washing hands with soap regularly can reduce diarrheal diseases by over 40 per cent.

Lack of hygiene is a huge challenge in Cambodia and we need your support to tackle it.

Our solution is simple: produce lots of low-cost anti-bacterial soap and give it away free to those who need it most.

How do we do it? Through a network of NGOs known for their sterling work in the community. They run schools, provide critical medical services and train Cambodians in skills that bring them a livelihood.

We make the soap, the NGOs collect a certain quantity and they hand it out to the people they serve.

Naga Earth has been part of the Siem Reap community since 2008. As a social enterprise, our philosophy revolves around being environmentally responsible in every way we can.

For instance, we produce clean, green biodiesel whose primary ingredient is used cooking oil. At a stroke we prevent stale oil from being sold and ending up in people’s food and power vehicles with a perfectly non-polluting fuel.

In 2018 we began manufacturing foaming soap from local ingredients. Then we got it tested and its anti-bacterial properties turned out to be excellent.

So we thought: why not give away some of this soap to deprived communities around Siem Reap? That’s what we did. NGOs we work with were delighted to join our Community Soap Program and snap up their share of Naga Earth’s soap.

Now we’re ready to take the program to the next level. And we need your help.

Our goal is to set up facilities within our factory to start making bar soap as well as increase biodiesel production. For this we require new equipment that, once we are up and running, will enable us to give away 500 bars every day.

Take a look at our project strategy by clicking the “LEARN MORE” button below. And make a donation today.

It will go a long way toward eliminating the sanitation-related causes of fatal illnesses in this beautiful country.

Come join us. Together we can make hygiene key to the well-being of every man, woman and child in Cambodia.

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Issue AreaHealth

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