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Community-Centric Education

Mitraniketan is a Non-Profit organization founded in 1956 by K Viswanathan in Vellanad Village in Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala, India. From its founding, Mitraniketan focuses on educational and social experiments with programs designed to educate and empower the rural community through Development Education. It is located in a 60-acre campus, which houses a variety of development activities for villagers, students, youth and volunteers from abroad. Mitraniketan’s principles and practices draw from Gandhi and Tagore, as well as Arthur Morgan of the U.S.A. and NFS Grundtvig of Denmark. Its educational mission is to promote the progress of society through the total development of individuals. Following its motto of “Community-centric education in an education-centric community,” Mitraniketan has grown and evolved over the years to develop new ways to meet the needs of its students and community.

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