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Focusing to make good quality healthcare accessible for underprivileged communities.


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Medicare Health Foundation (MHF) is a non-profit organization based in Pakistan, dedicated to providing good quality healthcare for low income and underprivileged communities. At their hospitals, MHF have made care extremely affordable and make sure that those who cannot pay are not turned away. At Medicare, they believe that no human being should suffer from health issues just because they are not able to afford medical services. A large number of our patients are treated through the generous support of our donors, from donations.

Vision:  To ensure the accomplishment of the following goals in the underprivileged communities:

  • Healthy women through safe birth and gynecological care
  • Healthy children through pediatric care
  • Healthy population through General/Specialist Medical care

Mission 2040: Medicare Health Foundation aims to establish a healthcare system catering to the underprivileged, consisting of:

  • 6-twenty bedded community hospitals
  • 12 small-scale community based Mother and Child Healthcare Units(MCH’s)
  • 1 Training Institute for Nurses and Paramedical Staff

MHF presently run three healthcare facilities in Lahore – Pakistan, namely:

Medicare Hospital Badami Bagh 

This was the first hospital, established in the year 2004. It is a 28 bedded hospital, equipped with an Operation Theatre, Labour Room, Patient Wards, Neonatal Nursery, Pathology Laboratory, Dental Clinic and Out-Patient Clinics. Primarily focused on ensuring safe birth, obstetrics and gynecological care are the main in-patient services provided.  The OPD, available for both males and females belonging to any age group includes General Medicine, Antenatal Care, Immunization and Vaccination, Dental Clinic, Dermatology, ENT, Laboratory, X-Ray and Ultrasound.

Medicare Hospital – Noor Elahi Branch 

This hospital, located on Ferozpur Road, was donated in 2016 to us by a philanthropist, Mr. Gulzar ul Haq. He was running it as a dispensary for limited hours each day, and wanted to transfer the reins to a reliable organization, so his noble work would carry on. After major renovation and reconstruction, the hospital was inaugurated by Medicare Health Foundation in April 2018. Since then, MHF have devoted ourselves to providing a range of medical services, and have introduced new specialties to cater to the growing demand for healthcare. Besides Gynecology and Obstetrics, the services also include Pediatrics, Orthopedics, General Surgeries, Dentistry, General OPD and Diagnostics.

 Mother and Child Healthcare Centre (MCH) 

Funded collaboratively by Netherlands Embassy Islamabad and Medicare Health Foundation, the first MCH was established in Shadbagh in the year 2016. This facility, aimed at reaching out further within the underprivileged community, is a two-bedded normal delivery center established to displace unskilled birth practices, and improve maternal and neonatal health. Functioning under the close supervision of Medicare Hospital Badami Bagh, this center has a small team of skilled and competent nurses, certified to conduct normal deliveries, deliver neonatal care and monitor the growth of children. In case of medical complexities, the patient is referred to nearby Medicare Hospital in Badami Bagh.

A Glimpse into Our Community Service Initiatives 

Every year, as part of MFH’s charity drives, they do gift distribution in poor communities on Eid and Christmas. Every Ramzan, give goody bags to patients at Children’s Hospital Lahore, while on Christmas they go to churches with gifts for underprivileged children.

Medical camps and Awareness Drives

To ensure the good health of the community, MHF regularly organize free medical camps whereby specialist doctors examine patients, who are also provided free diagnostic services as well as medicines. They also conduct healthcare awareness drives, so the communities develop the practice of preventive care.

Mother Nutricare Program

Expecting mothers coming to MHF from abject poverty are covered in this program, whereby they provide them with eggs, milk and essential vitamin supplements two times a week. This nutrition ensures that these women deliver healthy babies while maintaining good health themselves.

Vaccination under EPI 

Under this Expanded Program for Immunization, which is run by the government at MHF hospitals, children from ages 0-5 years are vaccinated free of cost against 7 deadly diseases as categorized by the World Health Organization.

Starter Kits for newborns

All babies born at MHF hospitals are provided Starter Kits, which contain clothing, wrapping sheet and other newborn essentials. The idea behind this program is that all babies should have a comfortable and protected start to life.

Zargali Program

For young girls in Badami Bagh and Shadbagh Lahore, MHF run a stitching school called Zargali (translated as Lane to Prosperity). Here, they are taught the art of stitching and embroidery from a professional instructor. After learning this skill, the girls acquire the ability to be economically productive and make their lives better.

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