Makadaya Foundation (Yayasan Makna Karya Berdaya)

Functioning as social impact center to provide learning lab, strategic network and support for empowerment of changemakers across Indonesia.


Issue AreaLivelihood

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Our Mission

Provide strategic support, capacity, capital to potential social entrepreneurs from across Indonesia, thus enabling and empowering them to grow their initiatives ; creating a thriving, decentralized social enterprise ecosystem with collaborative network to bring sustainable solutions together.

The Need

As a vast archipelagic state, it sees inequality of development on many levels; particularly outside prioritized areas, and in non-urban society whereby access of information, network, and capital is a challenge. Socio-economic and environmental issues arise affecting down to local communities.

The Solution

Makadaya believes sustainable solution can be achieved effectively by growing local changemakers as catalyst in their communities, through impactful social enterprises. It provides platform where social enterprise founders can explore, collaborate, and get support to achieve the desired impact goal.

Our Impact

Since 2021, it has been enabling 20 social entrepreneurs - from 11 provinces in Indonesia - to grow their enterprises sustainably, with direct impact for improving livelihood of their respective local communities. 350+ intensive hours of capacity building, $US 50K+ micro grants as working capital.

Makadaya’s yearly flagship program “Makadaya Fellowship”, is its most intensive and in-depth incubation program for changemakers and their social enterprises starting from ideation stage,  and focusing on pre-early development stage to enable them with adequate strong foundation as founder.

Makadaya Fellowship program aims to support and facilitate the growth of those who are selected as Makadaya Fellows by providing mentoring, knowledge and capacity building, strategic network, and also micro grants as working capital during the Fellowship program. The program encourages them to fully commit to build a sustainable social enterprise and develop their leadership skills.

Makadaya Foundation, as a social impact center, continues to work  towards creating a social entrepreneurial ecosystem which supports changemakers in building and developing impactful sustainable business through the flagship program since 2021.

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Issue AreaLivelihood

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