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Conservation through education

Vision and Mission

LumiVoce was founded in 2016 to shed light (Lumi) on the plight of wildlife that are being driven to extinction by human demand, and to provide a voice (Voce) for the endangered wildlife to be heard and protected. Through the power of music and stories, we focus on positively engaging and educating people, especially younger generations, inspiring them to love and protect wildlife, thereby reducing demand.

Founder, Dr. Ying Ying Liu, the daughter of renowned 20th-century Chinese composer Liu Chi, grew up surrounded by the beauty and power of music, which brought her joy and a deep emotional connection with nature. She now devotes her musical talent to wildlife conservation, a cause she is passionate about.

Impact Strategy

With their innovative music album Ensoul, the Wildlife Stories Series written in association with conservation partners, and our education programme “Voices for the Planet”, we are working to influence the influencers and inspire the youth in Hong Kong, Greater China and the world.

Ensoul – unique conservation music videos combine pure classical vocalisation, diverse rhythms around the world and sounds of wildlife and nature with moving images and powerful messages. Each video features a compelling story of a critical ecosystem and its magnificent wildlife, whose struggle to survive is due to our destruction. By appealing to our senses and emotions, it calls upon us to protect the natural world, which is essential to everyone’s survival.

Voices for the Planet – utilising their music videos and stories, they follow an “Explore, Create and Inspire” model of educating children to become wildlife protectors themselves through their personal involvement and creations.

Wildlife Story Series (Pangolin Story) – this series of books about endangered animal families captures the majestic beauty of these animals while sensitively discussing their plight. The tales evoke empathy and compassion for wildlife, and aim to spark a long-term passion for conservation among children. Each story is based on real-life situations, experienced by our partners working in the field.

Pangolins are great nature’s gardeners. Estimates indicate that one adult pangolin can consume more than 70 million insects annually. They protect forests from termite destruction, maintaining a balanced ecosystem. However, pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world. Around 2.7 million pangolins are poached every year in Africa alone because of global demands. Their meat is considered a delicacy and pangolin scales are used in traditional medicine and folk remedies, although there is no scientific proof that it has any medicinal properties. Human must protect them from extinction. The Pangolin Story is a series of touching stories about endangered animal families. It captures their majestic beauty while sensitively discussing their plight through story and illustration. LumiVoce published three books, the Adventures of Baby Ixora, the Adventures of Baby Abhaya, and the story of Baby Lucky. They want to produce the next story – PANGOLIN.

The Pangolin Story will aim to reduce the demand for pangolins in the world through educational campaigns designed to engage young consumers and make consumption of pangolin products socially unacceptable in Asia. Demand for pangolin scales in Asia drives pangolin extinction globally. This story will also be part of LumiVoce’s educational program Voices for the Planet Challenge 2021 to educate the next generation to protect pangolins and making a critical emotional connection with them, so they will refuse to use pangolin scales and protect them from extinction.

Projected Educational Plan With the Pangolin Story

LumiVoce has been on the front lines of the fight for wildlife conservation and have been partnering with educational organizations and NGOs both in face2face school visits and online engagements via Voices for the Planet Challenge. Through prior educational initiatives, LumiVoce already has in place relationships with 10 Hong Kong schools. In part, these relationships have been developed through their partnerships with EDB NET, Chatteris Educational Foundation, and Teach for Hong Kong. Their partners serve hundreds of local schools territory wide. The goal is to bring the educational program to local schools, including the support for under-served children. Funding this project will help LumiVoce to take the next step to expand the scale of their impact.

Through technology, they have empowered the young to become creators, remixing materials with their own stories and voices. They can use computers and tablets to research and gain knowledge of biodiversity, create their own music and stories using online apps and software.

LumiVoce’s plan is to add 10-30 additional schools impacting tens of thousands on their awareness of protecting the world’s most trafficked mammal – pangolins. The pathway of impact is from young people’s artworks inspired by their wildlife story – schoolmates – families and friends – their communities. The estimate is that each student will impact 2 schoolmates and 2 family members. In turn, they will influence another 10 to 20 people. This translates into a return of between thousands to tens of thousands of people impacted each year through this program in a personal and meaningful way.

What makes LumiVoice unique in conservation?
We use music, videos and stories as powerful vehicles of influence on behalf of conservation, inspiring the love of our natural world through creative education and involvement. Through partnerships with conservation and education organisations, we are influencing the minds of younger generations to become champions of wildlife and nature.

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