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Energy Efficient Practices

The mission of JUCCCE is to accelerate the development, deployment, and implementation of energy efficient practices. Through clean energy production methods in China, JUCCCE hopes to combat the boom of the consumer class that depletes the world’s natural resources. The organization facilitates partnerships with decision-making bodies such as government officials and high-level industry participants, in order to find better financial options for faster and more effective implementation.

JUCCCE catalyzes transformative change in the greening of China by convening coalitions of cross-border and cross-sector influencers around precise collaborative action that triggers tipping points in sustainable energy, urbanization, and consumption. Their high-level government leadership training aims to teach mayors and central government officials new ways to build sustainable and livable cities.

JUCCCE has various programs such as the China Dream initiative that aims to draw people to live more sustainably by visualizing a compelling picture of how 900m emerging urbanites can harmoniously lead vibrant and dignified lives in the midst of a dense urban landscape. Their “A New Way to Eat” program aims to teach primary school children in China how to eat in a way that is good for them and good for the planet by partnering with government, educators, extracurricular programs, restaurants, chefs, caterers and educational magazines to reach every aspect of a child’s life.

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