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Energy Efficient Practices

JUCCCE has been driving the greening of China since 2007. Today, we focus on reducing the impact of our food systems by changing the way people eat. Food Heroes is first educational curriculum to comply with the 2019 EAT Lancet guidelines on sustainable diets. We provide tools for kids and their families that help them make better food choices for both their personal and planetary health.

Food education is the most cost-effective intervention to combat the rising threats of obesity, diabetes, and climate change. In fact, the UN has said that food education is the ‘single golden lever’ to achieve all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Food Heroes is equally fun for students to learn and teachers to teach. The play-based activities include gamified learning, relatable Hero characters that show how to conquer food issues, and at-home activities to engage parents. We have engaged the hearts over one million children since 2013.

Help us teach kids that they can change the world with every bite they take. Your donation will support distribution to millions of children, train teachers, and translate Food Heroes for other regions in need of food education.


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