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Japan NPO Center


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Strengthening Infrastructure

Japan NPO Center was established in 1996 for the purpose of strengthening the infrastructure of nonprofit organizations in Japan. JNPOC aims to support civic activities of Japanese civil society and the growth of its nonprofit sector. JNPOC also aims to establish effective partnerships between the nonprofit sector and the government as well as private sector.

Japan NPO Center (JNPOC) is engaged in collecting and disseminating informational materials in regards to NPOs as well as in supporting the ICT and public relations of NPOs. They are active in conducting forums, conferences, and training to encourage informational exchange, with particular emphasis on creating opportunities for inter‐sector collaboration. It is also active in collaborating and developing programs together with enterprises and corporate foundations. Furthermore, JNPOC has conducted research studies in the field of Japanese NPOs. By networking with various policy recommendation committees, JNPOC is actively and continuously involved in policy advocacy to ensure the proper development of the Japanese civil sector.

Since 2011, JNPOC has been working to promote citizen‐led support for Disaster Relief for East Japan, including its own initiated Japan Earthquake Local NPO Support Fund and has established multiple disaster relief funds.

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