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Empowerment for the Underserved

Janakalyan was formed in 1997 by a team of professionals committed to empowering the underprivileged. It is focused on livelihood, health, education, sanitation, and organic agriculture. Janakalyan envisions a healthy environment where all individuals have equal access to, and control over Social, Cultural, Educational and Political Institutions with economically secure livelihoods.  Janakalyan honors the four holy mothers, Manavimata (woman), Bhoomata (soil), Gangamata (water) and Gomata (animals) through its programs.

Call for support in response for COVID19: Janakalyan is responding to vulnerable communities facing extreme difficulties in the southern part of India, wherein many rural wage earners, construction laborers have lost their wages and stuck in their homes. Janakalyan is hoping to support 500 families who deserve immediate ration support at least to survive the next 2-3 months.

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