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Graduate education (MA, MBA, PhD) for those with high potential to become global leaders.


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Our Mission

IUJ provides practical skills and international understanding through academics and living in diversity to young professionals from every part of the world. By coming together on a small campus and cooperating in daily life and academic challenges, they prepare to be wise and compassionate leaders.

The Need

The world needs leaders who are well tooled in their field (business, government, academe, international affairs) and practiced in international communication and cooperation skills. IUJ offers world-class education to talent from Asia, Africa, Greater Europe and the Americas in Japan to this end.

The Solution

IUJ offers Master’s level education including MAs in International Relations, Development, Economics and Public Management, and business degrees in MBA, Digital Transformation and social entrepreneurship. Lessons from Japan contribute to wise and sustainable development in greater Asia and Africa.

Our Impact

IUJ’s nearly 5,000 alumni from over 130 countries are found in top business roles, governments, embassies, academics, IOs and UN leadership positions. Contributions through social business, education, responsible business activities, and developing sustainable policies are impacting the world.

With its slogan Where the World Gathers, the International University of Japan (IUJ) attracts about 380 graduate students from 60 countries in our 1 or 2 year master’s programs. Founded in 1982 by both Japanese business and political elites, IUJ offers all coursework in English and utilizes western-style teaching methods of case studies and group work. Students learn both from and with their professors in interactive classrooms that are living textbooks. Today, IUJ boasts nearly 5,000 alumni in over 130 countries/territories as is celebrates its 40th anniversary. Ambassadors, university professors, UN top officials, CEOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs are very common among our closely-knit alumni family.

A residential campus (unique to Japan), students live and interact with each other on a homey campus making international friendships and a professional network that last throughout their careers. With its newly introduced slogan Where the World Cooperates, both academic and recreational opportunities give students many opportunities to develop global communication and leadership soft skills along with their master’s education.

Academic programs range from International Relations, International Development/Economics, and Public Management (MA) to a world-ranked MBA and our newest Digital Transformation program. New to the academics offerings is a joint program offered by both graduate schools in Japan Global Development where students earn an MA or MBA degree with studies focusing on lessons from Japan’s development history that can be applied to their home country. Other unique programs are the newly introduced ISEP (International Social Entrepreneurship Program) for those who want to set up and solve various social issues as an individual or as part of an international organization, and IPPP (International Public Policy Program) for mid-career diplomats and government officials of countries in Asia, the Pacific, and around the world.

What alumni remember most are the four beautiful seasons especially the snow in our Snow Country location, and immediate access to Japanese culture and the nature of the Uonuma region of Japan. While many become nostalgic at the time of graduation and having to say good-bye to the IUJ area, the friendships and career-enhancing network of people stay with them forever.

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