Huashan Social Welfare Foundation

A Taiwan based organization for the underprivileged elderly.

Issue AreaSocial Services

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Over the past 18 years, Huashan Social Welfare Foundation has been providing the underprivileged elderly, total about 21,500 at present, who suffers from dementia, are physically challenged or live alone in our surrounding communities in Taiwan with free caring services to their homes. Taiwan has become an aged society. According to the Ministry of Interior, people 65 or older amounted to 14.1 percent of the total population in Taiwan in 2018, over the standard set by WHO for an aged society. Obviously, senior citizen welfare has become an inevitable issue that needs to be handled carefully for the government and the society as a whole. Huashan Social Welfare Foundation has set up “community half-way station” in every township, a total of 383, all around Taiwan, even in outlying islands Kinmen and Penghu, to provide home-based geriatric day care for local communities, right on the way to build one station in a population of 50,000, bringing about penetrating the local thoroughly due to the rapid change in aging society nowadays. Caring services include home visits by volunteers, accompanying to health clinics/hospitals for medical treatment, bathing, material need assistance, and transferring to proper care facility and the like.

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Issue AreaSocial Services

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