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Ippan-Shadan-Hojin Honey Farm


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Environmental Education

Honey Farm is the only general incorporated association in Japan that promotes environmental education with honeybees, for children and adults. It is in partnership with Opera National de Paris that has kept bees for over thirty years. By raising awareness to protect honeybees that create foods, the vision of Honey Farm is to create reciprocally-beneficial capitalism with nature and others, and to nurture new global leaders who can prosper with others and overcome differences in race, religion, and culture. By strengthening the partnership with organizations abroad such as the ones in France and in the U.S.A., Honey Farm aims to prevent potential international food shortage due to the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Honey Farm intends to raise awareness by increasing the number of participants to Honey Bee Nature Education Program and City Revitalization Projects. The mission of Honey Farm is to promote nature-friendly lifestyle internationally and lead people of the world to come to become aware of the greatness, the depth of blessings, and the gentleness of nature through their activities.

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