Afghanistan Relief Fund 阿富汗冲突救济基金 (Hong Kong SAR)

Support local Afghan organizations serving vulnerable communities 支持为弱势社区服务的当地阿富汗组织


Issue AreaSocial Services

Amount NeededGeneral Support Needed

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The rapid fall of Afghanistan’s government has led to widespread fear for the safety and wellbeing of the Afghan people.

Give2Asia is raising funds to support vulnerable populations in Afghanistan during this time of extreme uncertainty.

Give2Asia 正在筹集资金,以在这个极端不确定的时期支援阿富汗的弱势群体。



With almost forty years of experience working in Afghanistan, Afghanaid is staying and working hard alongside local people continuing to deliver lifesaving assistance and development projects. Funds delivered through this campaign will support:

  • Delivering emergency assistance to families who have fled their homes or lost their livelihoods in the conflict

Give2Asia is assessing the needs and capacity of other local partners to continue operations and will steward donations accordingly. As the situation unfolds, we will update this page with additional information about how the fund will be used.


凭借在阿富汗近 40 年的工作经验,Afghanaid 与当地人紧密合作,提供拯救生命的援助和发展项目。 是次筹募的资金将支持:
• 向在冲突中逃离家园或失去生计的家庭提供紧急援助
Give2Asia 正在评估其他当地合作伙伴继续运营的需求和能力,并将相应地管理捐款。 随着情况的发展,我们将更新此页面,提供有关如何使用该基金的更多信息。


Donate online to support trusted Afghan nonprofits. For large gifts (via check, bank transfer, or appreciated stock) or corporate giving opportunities, please request a consultation or email us at 


您可以通过线上捐赠支持当地救援行动。大额捐赠或企业捐赠,请您以電郵 联系我们的国际捐赠团队。

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