GUARD Society

An organization that empowers marginalized communities through developmental projects.


Issue AreaLivelihood

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GUARD SOCIETY was initiated by like-minded concerned youths to devote their time and energy for the cause of the downtrodden, vulnerable and marginalized communities. The Dalits, aged people, daily wage laborers, unskilled workers, women, and children are the priority groups within the mentioned communities. Since its birth in 1996, GUARD SOCIETY has been involved in various developmental works to empower the marginalized communities. It has been involved in providing educational support, income-generating activities, social consciousness, and political awareness. It has been making progress in creating gender sensitization, organizing people’s communes, and intervening in critical times to demand civic amenities.

About this Organization

Issue AreaLivelihood

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This project can accept donations worldwide. However, tax receipts are issued on eligible donations for a specific jurisdiction. This project can issue tax receipts from: