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Goducate Ltd

Helping Asians to help themselves, and in turn, look to helping others.


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Our Mission

To GO to the neediest and EDUCATE. Through the Goducate movement, they seek to improve the lives of poverty-stricken children by providing their basic needs and a practical, quality, scalable and transferable education, emphasizing a paying-it-forward mindset.

The Need

Millions of needy people in Asia have no access to the necessities of life and valuable education. They are at risk of diseases and vices and lack hope and purpose in their lives. Timely help can give them a chance to progress and an opportunity to break away from the poverty cycle.

The Solution

Their vision is to educate and motivate Asia's children to fulfill their potential and purpose in life. This is accomplished through various projects, such as feeding programs, study hubs, livelihood skills lessons, moral/spiritual lessons, scholarships, and many more.

Our Impact

Goducate has trained hundreds of Community Development workers in their Goducate Training Center, developed an extensive network of partners in needy Asian communities, and provided many disaster recovery initiatives. Since 2009, Goducate has successfully started over 20 initiatives across Asia.

As food prices rise in 2022, Goducate will focus on expanding its feeding program in Luzon, Philippines. The current three times weekly feeding program (accompanied by literacy/character-building lessons) has already been shown to reduce physical stunting in the children significantly. The target for 2022 to 2023 is to feed and educate 2,000 children through the 200 existing volunteers and partner organizations.

Read more about Goducate and our various programs here.

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Issue AreaEducation

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