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Give2Asia Australia launches with new services to unlock overseas giving

New charitable organisation enables Australian donors and corporations to support poverty alleviation in 20+ countries across Asia and the world.

MELBOURNE, Vic.—Give2Asia Australia, a new public benevolent institution, officially opened its doors today. The Melbourne-based non-profit will offer philanthropists, corporations, and foundations a trusted, tax-friendly pathway to support charitable causes across Asia.

Give2Asia Australia is launching in response to the growing demand for cross-border philanthropy. Until recently, Australian philanthropists and corporations had few options for overseas giving. However, new regulations allow certain non-profits to support poverty alleviation projects around the world.

“Australians are generous people, but the vast majority of our charity has been trapped within our borders,” explained Anita Toy, Chief Representative of Give2Asia Australia. “We want it to be just as easy to support your favourite cause overseas as it is here at home.”

Give2Asia Australia is part of a robust cross-border philanthropy network. Over the last 20 years, USA-based Give2Asia has delivered over $450 million (AUD) in charitable grants from the USA to charities across the Asia-Pacific. Give2Asia Foundation Ltd, based in Hong Kong SAR PRC, offers similar services to donors there. Through a partnership with the King Baudouin Foundation in Brussels, Give2Asia Australia also will benefit from their philanthropy expertise in Europe and Africa.

The new organisation also opens doors for Asia-based charities with supporters in Australia. By setting up an Australian Friends Fund with Give2Asia Australia, qualified overseas non-profits can raise tax-deductible donations in Australia for their poverty alleviation work.

“We know that many Australians share our mission of alleviating poverty wherever it may be found in the world,” said Birger Stamperdahl, President and CEO of Give2Asia. “Give2Asia Australia will be a bridge between compassionate donors and corporations, and the overseas charities doing this important work.”

By working with Give2Asia Australia, donors can safely and securely support projects in more than 20 countries across Asia while complying with local and international regulations. They also benefit from Give2Asia’s network of in-country advisors, who oversee projects to ensure funds are used effectively.

Give2Asia Australia is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). As a result, donations greater than $2 (AUD) are tax deductible in Australia.

While it’s too soon to know whether Australia will become an international giving powerhouse, early signs are encouraging. Several overseas gifts by local philanthropists and corporations are already in the works.

To learn more about Give2Asia Australia or to discuss an overseas donation, visit or email

About Give2Asia Australia Limited

Give2Asia Australia Limited enables Australian donors to give across borders. We connect corporates, philanthropists, and foundations with locally run charities across Asia. Our mission is to alleviate poverty and strengthen communities in Asia by making international giving easier and more effective.

Give2Asia Australia is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) charitable organisation based in Melbourne. Since 2001, the global Give2Asia network has facilitated more than $350 million of charitable grants across 23 countries.

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