Fundraising Tools for Our Nonprofit Partners

This page provides fundraising tips and resources for charities with a Friends Fund at Give2Asia. For answers to common questions asked by our nonprofit partners, visit our Charity FAQ.

To save time and meet donor expectations, it’s essential for charities to use modern fundraising and communication tools. Here are several types of tools to put in place:

Email Marketing

Allows you to communicate with donors while complying with relevant US laws. Many email marketing platforms offer free plans and nonprofit discounts. Be sure to ask.

Good tools for emailing US audiences include:

Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor also offer pay-per-email plans that have no monthly fee. This can save lots of money if your organization sends less than 1 marketing email per month.

Additional resource: Overview of email marketing tools for nonprofits

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As your donor audience increases, it’s important to track your interactions. This not only makes it easier to do proper follow-up, but also allows you to bring new staff up to speed (and avoid losing knowledge when staff leave). Popular tools include:

Additional resources:

Donors respond the most when they feel like they know exactly how they are helping. This giving season identify a strong project that responds to your community’s needs and build a fundraising plan around tangible results. These goals will also help your organization to plan donor outreach and communication strategy.

For example:

  • “Build 10 classrooms for 100 students by December 2020.”
  • “Help 15 families gain access to clean water before the year ends.”
  •  “Ensure a family’s food security for a month with $250”
  •  “Provide a year’s worth of school supplies to a child in Laos with $75”

Revisit your goals. What concrete and achievable items are in your wish list for 2020? Can you place a value for it? Create some simple emails with the following:

  • Highlight the project and need one paragraph,
  • Share one positive beneficiary story of a community member that has benefited from your program.
  • Ask the donor to make a specific donation to a tangible project

Resource: 15 Email Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

November and December is traditionally peak fundraising season in the US for several reasons:

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays focus on generosity
  • Donations must be made by year-end to reduce donor’s taxes
  • #GivingTuesday, a virtual holiday to remind donors to give

GivingTuesday is a campaign fueled by the power of social media and collaboration which appeals to the general public to celebrate by paying it forward by supporting meaningful causes.

You can use the #GivingTuesday campaign to amplify your brand and show your supporters that you are part of a global movement. Organizing campaigns and events around the date gives your cause an extra push as you ride the wave of collective action.

Visit to see how organizations around the world are encouraging giving. Download the toolkit and learn from the ideas and case studies that are available for you to adapt for your organization.

To make crowdfunding more accessible, Give2Asia is teaming up with to offer their new “Start a Fundraiser” tool to all organizations with an American Friends Fund at Give2Asia. Nonprofits and individual donors can use this tool to create a fundraiser with just a few clicks. Read this blog post for step-by-step instructions.

Learn more ways to leverage social media for fundraising in our past webinar:

Philanthropy University offers exciting courses fit to help you prepare for the Giving Season. Give2Asia has a partnership with Philanthropy University where organizations can access learning resources and free courses on non profit management.

Fundraising classes include:

  • Fundraising: Connecting with Donors
  • Fundraising Strategies
  • Storytelling for Impact

To get started, register for free at:

These self-paced courses require only 1-2 hours per week towards full completion. Modules are developed by academics, non-profit experts and field practitioners. Learners will also receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

With interesting cases and up-to-date information, these courses offer fresh perspective and a big step towards increasing our partners’ capacity in non-profit leadership and fundraising.

In addition, all organizations will be connected to Give2Asia’s exclusive virtual learning community at Philanthropy University. Using this tool, our diverse set of non-profit partners can network to exchange ideas, share best practices and grow together.

Individual donors, corporations, and foundations are all potential sources of funding for your nonprofit. Watch this short video to learn what different types of donors look for in charitable projects:

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