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Fundraiser: Save the Mangroves

Help jumpstart a community-based tourism program that will create new opportunities for coastal families and educate tourists about the importance of mangrove ecosystems.

This fundraiser is presented directly by its organizers and can be supported through Give2Asia.

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Poverty is a major problem for the residents of the Mathurapur Fishing Village. Fishing as a major source of income is not enough to sustain these coastal families.

Mathurapur Fishing Village is located very close to the Sundarbans. The Sundarbans mangrove forest is one of the major tourism places in Bangladesh due to its scenic beauty and international and national significance. Every year thousands of international, national and local tourists visit the Sundarbans. However, tourist companies hardly consider the impact of this tourism to the environment, and its possible effects to local people and the local culture.

The Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS) seeks to make tourism an opportunity for the Mathurapur Fishing Village through a sustainable community-based tourism program. Involvement of the local community in the tourism activities will enable them to earn additional income and also enable them to teach visitors about the mangrove ecosystems and the local culture and heritage of the area.

Learn more about BEDS and donate to support their general operating costs here.

This project can create a great opportunity for the students, teachers, researchers and others to get profound knowledge about the mangroves from the experienced local people. Give2Asia and Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS) had previously worked together to construct a Cyclone Shelter and Training Center in that village. The center remain unutilized when there are no disasters, hence the can be maximized by using it for community-based tourism activities.

In line with this, BEDS is seeking to raise $50,000 to purchase a boat fit for tourists. Some of the funds raised will also be used to produce marketing and educational materials to teach visitors about the local culture and the importance of the mangrove ecosystem. These materials will include web design and development, social media page, and promotional leaflets for the tourism facilities.

This is the boat that will be purchased by BEDS to create a sustainable, locally managed eco-tourism initiative.

This project is part of a bigger plan to develop the tourism program in the Sundarbans Mangrove Region of Bangladesh, which includes improvement of accommodation facilities and capacity building of the target beneficiaries for conducting this social business.

The community-based tourism project is seen to benefit at least 75 fisherman families and 17 Munda families (Indigenous communities).

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Frequently Asked Questions


What will happen to the money if the full $50,000 is not raised?

BEDS will still implement the project. BEDS is determined to complete this undertaking, though lack of funds may cause delays. No matter how much money is raised, the money will be used to develop the community-based tourism program at the Mathurpur Fishing Village.


What if more than $50,000 is raised?

The purchase of the boat and the production of the marketing materials are part of a comprehensive plan to develop the community based tourism program. The likeliest use of the additional funds would be for capacity building/ skills development of community residents. This includes training for responsible tourism, meals preparation and food service, and provision of uniforms.


If I make a donation, how will I know if my gift was used correctly?

When the project is ultimately completed, BEDS will submit a report that would include updates and photographs. This report will be available to donors who wish to see it.


What is the budget for the project?

This particular fundraiser is raising money for the following:

  • Boat – $45,000
  • Marketing and promotional materials – $5,000

Other budget items to be covered by sourcing funding from other sources are:

  • Improvement of tourist accommodation facilities on site
  • Capacity building and skills development of coastal residents
  • Marketing and partnership development with the government and tourist companies
See Progress and Donate to Save the Mangroves

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