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Our Mission

To use the power of purposeful play, experiential learning, and youth champions to reach the most vulnerable children and youth to empower them to reach their full potential in education and life.

The Need

Exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, 9 out of 10 learners in the Philippines are in learning poverty and face the prospect of losing out on their education and prospects of escaping the poverty cycle.

The Solution

In response to the education emergency, FundLift launched 'UpLift Education,' a digital inclusion and youth mentorship pathway to connect one million children with digital learning, quality teaching, and peer mentors. The cost to reach one child for one year is less than that of one coffee.

Our Impact

FundLife's interventions have reached over 40,000 children since the start of COVID-19. Their partner schools have reduced drop-out rates from 21% to less than 1%. They have also trained and supported over 150 youth leaders and local teachers.

FundLife will focus on delivering UpLift Education, an emergency response project to reach one million children in learning poverty. COVID-19 resulted in the Philippines having one of the longest educational shutdowns of any country in the world, with students unable to return to full-time face-to-face classes for over 2 years and 7 months. The impact for children in poverty has been catastrophic.

UpLift Education works directly with local stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education and technology providers, to ensure the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions for children in urban and rural poverty.  With your help, we can reach even more children through access to better learning resources, better teaching mentors and local champions to cheer for them to follow their dreams.


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Issue AreaEducation

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