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The Philippines has been dealing with an economic and educational emergency resulting from COVID-19 for over 14 months, with the most vulnerable groups, especially children, girls and young women, continuing to being hit the hardest.  To see FundLife’s response to COVID-19, click here.

All public schools have been closed since March 14, 2020, putting over 21 million children out of school and in an enhanced education emergency for over 400 days and counting. The economic impact of COVID-19 has forced millions out of informal work and living in food insecurity. FundLife has been working on the ground to reach the most vulnerable young people and in particular, adolescent girls. In response to the pandemic and it’s devastating impact on young people, FundLife has been delivering the following support:

  • Safe-at-Home Packs: Each pack costs USD 20 and can ensure adolescent girls are safe and have access to support services during the prolonged lockdowns. For USD 1,000, FundLife can reach 50 more young girls and keep them safe
  • Learn-at-Home Packs: USD 15: Each pack includes educational materials for children and young people to keep them motivated and committed to education despite the ongoing challenges. Packs also include mobile data to access online resources for up to 30 days. For every USD 1,000, FundLife can reach an additional 67 children with Learn at Home Packs
  • Delivering Community Learning Spaces for Children: Each 2-hour Community Session costs USD 60 and can reach up to 20 children, by providing access to learning support, psychosocial support, mentorship and purposeful physical education

For detailed information on FundLife’s COVID-19 Emergency Response and regular programming, please visit or email

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Issue AreaWomen & Girls

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