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The Give2Asia Fiscal Sponsorship Partner Page offers resources and everything you need to manage your Fiscal Sponsorship funds. Please take time to explore the features and see how your partnership with Give2Asia can complement your own fundraising initiatives.

Need Guidance?

As a Give2Asia Fiscal Sponsorship partner, your organization can now accept tax-deductible contributions from US and Hong Kong based supporters. Give2Asia provides a trusted platform for managing overseas donations and an alternative to establishing and maintaining a US nonprofit entity. Give2Asia handles donations of cash, stock, and Bitcoin, manages all tax receipts, and handles all of the requirements for disbursing international funds to your organization.

YOUR ORGANIZATION will have its own donation page that is linked and searchable at the Give2Asia website and enabled to received donations via credit card. Use your unique URL to promote giving to your US and HK supporters by sharing the link through your email, website and social media, as well as printed materials.

Alternatively, you can also customize and share the How to Give Form with your supporters for instructions on how to give off line via credit card or check.

YOUR SUPPORTERS take US tax deductions on their gifts to a fiscal sponsorship Fund at G2A. Give2Asia issues tax receipts to all donors within 2 weeks of their donation.

YOUR SUPPORT TEAM is available at all times to answer questions, provide guidance, and connect you with resources that can further support your mission.

All qualified grantees and Fiscal Sponsorship partners are issued with a Give2Asia Network Badge.  This serves as a “seal of approval” which communicates to supporters that you have successfully completed Give2Asia’s thorough Due Diligence review and that U.S.-based and Hong Kong-based donors are able to support your work with tax deductible giving using Give2Asia’s services.

You can use the badge to link directly to your Give2Asia donation page from your website or email signature. Read more tips on how to use your badge hereREQUEST THE LATEST BADGE HERE.



Your unique donation page is linked and searchable at the Give2Asia website and enabled to received donations via credit card anywhere in the world. Your page will appear smoothly on a computer, tablet, and phone.

Use your unique URL to promote giving by sharing the link through your email, website and social media, as well as in printed materials. Remember, your donation page can process credit card donations from any country and your U.S.- and Hong Kong-based supporters will receive tax deductibility.

For New FS Partners

  • To submit content for your donation page go to :
    • Prepare the following for a quick upload to our donation page onboarding system
      • 1500 character description of your organization and program focus
      • Compelling main page photograph of at least 1400pixels, with no collages or text, because they will not appear correctly on different devices 
      • Thumbnail version of main image of 600x600pixels
      • Organizational Logo
      • Instead of a main image, you may opt to upload a video link (YouTube or Vimeo)

Current partners may edit content in existing donation page, through emailing the above to

Give2Asia’s portal allows you to log in and view your account information at your convenience. The portal allows you to view and download a statement of the current balance of the Fund, donations, donors and contacts, fees, and distributions. You can generate a statement in these formats: spreadsheet, PDF File or printable view on your browser.

Access instructions and guidelines are found at this Portal Guide.

Online donations, checks, wires, and securities donations will typically appear in the Fund Wednesday of the week after they have been received.

Upon approval as a Give2Asia Fiscal Sponsorship Partner, you will receive an email with instructions on how to create your password and log on to the portal. After you have created your password, you can log in anytime at

If you have not received this email, please contact us.

Fees on Contributions

Fees are assessed on donations as received with the following fee structure.

Donations USD 100,000 and below: 7%

Next USD400,000 : 3%

$500,000 and above: 1%

You may request for a distribution of your funds by submitting a completed and signed Distribution Request Form.

Distribution requests must clearly describe where the funds will be used and indicate measurable and time-bound success indicators. Distribution requests must be signed by an authorized signatory as designated in the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement.

Completed forms can be submitted by email to Alexie Mercado at

Processing time: Give2Asia sends out funds via wire transfers Thursdays weekly. In order to allow time for processing please submit distribution requests at least one week before you would like to receive the funds.

Minimum request amount: $5,000.00 . Requests for funds below $5,000 may be accommodated upon review (i.e. accounting purposes, disaster relief, emergency) . Please note that banks sometimes assess wire transfer fees on incoming wires. Give2Asia does not cover the cost of these transfer fees.

Give2Asia requires grantees to submit a progress or completion report for each distribution. In order to process a distribution, your organization must not have any overdue reports from previous distributions.

Fiscal sponsorship grantees are required to report on the use of funds using Give2Asia’s Grant Report Form.

Reports are due one month after the end date provided in the distribution request. Failure to submit reports will result in the delay of future distributions.

Grant Changes: If there is a need to reallocate funds or change the purpose of the distribution within the grant period please seek approval from your Give2Asia representative prior to implementing any changes.

Unused Funds: All funds must be expended at the end of a specified grant period. If there are unused funds at the end of the project period, you will be asked to provide an additional report on the use of those funds once they have been expended.

Multiple Distributions to one program: If there are multiple distributions funding the same project during the same time period, you may submit one combined report for the multiple distributions.

Please complete the Change Request Form if your organization needs to change an authorized signatory for the Fund, or if you need to change your organization’s bank account information.

Are you a new Fiscal Sponsorship partner looking for ways on how to spread the news about your new donation page? Or, have you been with Give2Asia for a while and looking to increase donor activity? We have compiled some tips on how you can communicate about our partnership, which also includes key talking points and sample social media content. Download the Tipsheet here

While we acknowledge every donation that comes through the Give2Asia platform, building a more personal relationship with your donors will go a long way and may inspire them to keep giving. You have access to your donor contacts through the Fund Portal, and you can make use of this information to begin donor engagement. Download this tipsheet for ideas on how to make the most out of your existing donor database.

You can tap your Hong Kong based donors to give through the Give2Asia Foundation in Hong Kong. Our representative office can now accept check donations and receive wires to our Hong Kong bank account. Share this form with your donors for information on how to give from Hong Kong. Remember that as with all contributions made through Give2Asia, donations from Hong Kong-based donors are tax deductible.