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Friends International (FI)


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Social Services for Street Kids

Friends International was born on the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in August 1994 initially providing services to the street kids found in the Cambodian capital in the aftermath of years of genocide and conflict in the country. The original Friends project, Mith Samlanh (which means ‘Friends’ in Khmer) became a local NGO in 1999, and then expanded programs to Laos, Thailand and Indonesia and partnerships across the world through the ChildSafe Alliance. Friends International focuses on four main priorities: To reach the highest social return and impact through its Friends Programs, the ChildSafe Movement and the ChildSafe Alliance; provide best quality services to those helped through building best practice models in all Friends Programs and throughout the ChildSafe Alliance; replicate successful models in line with local realities through the ChildSafe Alliance; and ensure the sustainability of programs.

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