Foundation for Rehabilitation & Development of Children and Family (FORDEC)

FORDEC was founded with the goal to help vulnerable children grow up with dignity.


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Our Mission

To grow into healthy adults, young children must have a strong foundation. FORDEC’s mission is to provide vulnerable children with One healthy meal a day, Basic Education, and Support for their families. With FORDEC’s help, many children can integrate into regular and high school.

The Need

FORDEC has built a kitchen but needs food for one hot daily meal per child. FORDEC has classrooms but needs to pay teachers, buy supplies and provide children with basic hygiene and medical care. FORDEC needs to raise funds for its regular programs and exceptional events like the pandemic.

The Solution

FORDEC relies on three pillars: 1. Donations from individuals who sponsor specific children 2. Donations from corporations who give funds for specific programs (Milk and Lunch Program) 3. Special events to raise additional funds (Cycling Challenge for Children’s Learning” to raise 1 Million Baht)

Our Impact

FORDEC has a direct impact on the lives of children. In 2022, 120 children and families attend its Bangkok daycare center and 412 elsewhere. FORDEC has supported thousands of students and their families to live with dignity and helped vulnerable children become responsible adults.

The Foundation for Rehabilitation & Development of Children and Family (FORDEC) was founded by Dr. Wathanavongs, who is known as “The Foster Father of 40,000 children in Thailand”. FORDEC launched its work on February 14 to symbolize its love for children. It teaches them to read, write, and do basic mathematics so they can understand the world around them. For the children to be well disposed to learning, FORDEC provides them with one good meal a day, teaches them basic hygiene, and gives them a place to laugh and play so they can develop into responsible young adults.
FORDEC has received the UNESCO Thailand Literacy Award (2012) and the Thailand NGO Award (2011) from The Rockefeller Foundation in recognition of its work.

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