Indonesia and Timor-Leste Flash Flood Relief (2021)

Support local NGOs responding to recent flash flooding in Indonesia and Timor-Leste.


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Online donations for this fund are now closed. You can still support our general disaster preparedness fund.

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Cyclone Seroja (known internationally as Cyclone 26S) is an active tropical cyclone that is causing significant flooding and landslides across southern Indonesia and Timor-Leste. In Indonesia, the storm has killed at least 128 people and displaced more than 8,000. At least six districts across these islands are without electricity or communication access, and five villages are not accessible from land due to landslides and broken bridges. At least 1,962 houses and 14 public facilities have been damaged.

In neighboring Timor-Leste, the cyclone has killed at least 27 people and 2,065 households – approximately 10,325 people – are affected. Large parts of Dili, the country’s capital are underwater. Severe damage has also been reported to critical infrastructure, including roads, bridges and medical centers, while communication networks and electricity are disrupted in some of the worst affected areas.

Photos courtesy of IDEP


Immediate relief needs for displaced families include:

  • Emergency rations and clean drinking water
  • Medicine and vitamins
  • Hygiene and sanitation items
  • PPEs (personal protective equipment), e.g., masks and hand sanitizers
  • Clothes, bedding, and sarong (blankets)
  • Tents and emergency shelter and equipment
  • Psychosocial supports to children and families

Recovery and reconstruction efforts will also be needed to repair the damaged infrastructures, especially houses, roads, schools, health centers, rehabilitation agricultural lands, and ensuring continuous efforts in farming and restore village business activities.

Our Partners’ Response


Human Initiative (formerly PKPU Human Initiative) is finding ways to immediately reach out to the affected and isolated areas via various means: air, sea, to land transport. Their team coordinates with the local Disaster Management Board and other stakeholders to ensure the help is reaching the affected communities. Your support will be used to procure and deliver: basic food rations, ready-to-eat meals, hygiene and sanitation kits, PPEs, public kitchen facilities, and fresh water.

IDEP Foundation works with East Flores partners for emergency response in Lembata and Adonara, the two most severe areas hit by the cyclone and flash floods. Their response will be focusing on reaching isolated areas to deliver essential food items, and together with local volunteers providing temporary shelters and equipment, health and hygiene items, clean water, and specific needs for babies, children, mothers, and the elderly.


ASERD, an association of more than 20 disaster resilience local organisations in Timor Leste, is Give2Asia’s main partner for disaster management program in the country. ASERD is the main counterpart of Country’s Disaster Management Board and have been closely working with the Government on emergency response, especially for the Dili region. ASERD is conducting rapid assessment on disaster needs and deploying their members to respond. With the COVID-19 situation worsening in the country, the main priority for emergency response is meeting basic survival needs and providing protective equipment to the affected communities.

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