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World without AIDS

What will Amit’s life be like?

Sleepless and anxious for two nights with this question, she just prayed that her son did not have HIV. A day earlier Reema, then 23, had tested positive and was advised to get her two and half year old son tested immediately. With tears rolling down thinking of how her son would cope with questions from society, she went ahead and signed the consent form for testing. The two days’ wait was agonising but thankfully, her son tested negative. The test was again conducted after 6 months, then after a year and then after five years. He tested negative at all intervals, her son is 18 today, and is living a healthy life.

Reema, taking regular treatment, works in the field of HIV/AIDS and motivates anxious mothers and teens.

End AIDS India combines the capacity of five trusted NGOs in India to accelerate our nation’s response to HIV/AIDS. Funding for HIV/AIDS globally and within India has slowed considerably in recent years, creating the urgent need for your support. Your donation is invaluable to ensure a better and safer tomorrow. Support now to help us in our initiative to end AIDS in India.

Let’s come together as a nation and aim towards an AIDS-free society. Your support will go a long way to help vulnerable communities, families, mothers and children living with HIV. Get involved, donate today.

Donation Options

US$15 will provide hygiene kits (sanitizer, soap, gloves and mask) to our frontline workers and communities in view of coronavirus outbreak.

US$20 will support access to healthcare, nutrition and education for children living with HIV annually.

US$30 will ensure care and support for vulnerable mothers living with HIV and protect their new-born baby.

US$45 will empower and provide livelihood support to families affected or living with HIV.

US$100 will enable the emergency response for people living with HIV

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