Econusa Foundation

Econusa is aiming to promote sustainable and equitable management of natural resources


Issue AreaLivelihood

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Our Mission

EcoNusa Foundation supports local community livelihood and resilience in Eastern Indonesia, especially in Maluku and Papua. EcoNusa’s work focuses on community and Indigenous empowerment and the establishment of livelihoods through the fair and sustainable management of natural resources.

The Need

Maluku and Papua - although blessed with extraordinary cultural & natural resources - are the poorest provinces in Indonesia with some of the worst infant mortality and literacy rates in Asia. They are remote communities and their livelihoods & ecosystems are threatened by destructive development.

The Solution

EcoNusa Foundation facilitates an alternative narrative of economic development that preserves local autonomy by delivering innovative on-ground programs to increase the capacity of Indigenous people and the establishment of community-led sustainable livelihoods.

Our Impact

In 2020 the impact included $US5 million of direct project funding to deliver policy advocacy, capacity development for Indigenous and other local organizations & supporting community commodity cooperatives. Econusa works closely with government leaders and civil society to deliver impact.

EcoNusa was established in 2017.  Since then, we have designed a work program that includes policy advocacy and strategic cooperation, capacity development and the resilience of Indigenous people, a movement to support sustainable ocean management, and strategic communication support for Eastern Indonesia

About this Organization

Issue AreaLivelihood

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