D×P works in Japan to solve the isolation of teenagers who have difficulties.


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Our Mission

D×P is working to create a society where every young person can have hope for their future. Creating connections with society and people no matter what the circumstances of the young people, such as financial difficulties, bullying, disabilities, or abuse.

The Need

In Japan, suicide is the number one cause of death among young people, it has become a social problem. The cause is largely due to isolation. Isolation is the result of multiple overlapping circumstances. For example, poverty, abuse, lack of a safe place at home or school, disability, etc.

The Solution

D×P creates connections in schools and on chat apps that are accessible to teens, providing food aid and cash transfers to young people whose lives have been impoverished by the COVID-19. By providing food and cash, it will first stabilize their immediate lives and then help them find employment.

Our Impact

The number of teens involved since the company's inception in 2012 is now 7294. The number of registered users of the online counseling service is 5900. D×P delivered computers to 134 people, and provided 16,440 meals to a total of 533 people. Cash grants of 9.62 million yen were given to 198 people

In Japan, suicide is the number one cause of death among young people and has become a social problem. Japan is the only country among the G7 industrialized nations where suicide is the leading cause of death. The percentage of Japanese young people who are satisfied with themselves or feel that they have advantages is lower than that of young people in other countries. Young people with various difficulties in life, such as poverty, disabilities, and no place at home, have difficulty finding people who understand their situation.

Furthermore, when they reach a crossroads in their lives, such as “career path” or “dropping out of school,” the difficulties that are usually hidden from them tend to come to the fore, but it is easy for them to keep them to themselves. It is also easy to conclude that they cannot survive because they do not know about the various jobs and public supports that exist in the world. There are counseling services for bullying and suicide as places to turn to when they are having difficulties, but there are few counseling services for career and employment.The number of registrations and consultations continues to grow, and we currently have 5,900 registered users.

The teenagers D×P supports have difficulties due to a combination of various backgrounds, such as poverty, having disabilities, growing up in a single-parent household, and being bullied.

In Covid 19, there’s been an increase in the number of consultations about living in poverty, such as reduced shifts at part-time jobs, parents losing their jobs and not being able to pay school fees, and not having enough to eat. Many of the teenagers work in restaurants or in non-regular employment, so the impact of Covid 19 has been very significant. Therefore, D×P have started to provide emergency support in the form of food aid and cash transfers.

Without a secure foundation, they cannot take the next step such as trying something or thinking about work. After receiving a consultation, the first step is to provide immediate reassurance and ongoing support while building a relationship of trust. D×P is funded by donations from donors. D×P is funded by your donations, and we hope that you will become a part of building a safety net for isolated teenagers.

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Issue AreaSocial Services

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