Dharmavana Nature Ark

Inspiring the environmentalists of tomorrow by practicing biodiversity conservation today.


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Our Mission

The DNA is about people helping all the other life forms of our shared ecosystem. They focus on the conservation of India's dry jungle flora and small animals, especially the RET species. Please visit and study their website for a thorough introduction to all our activities and progress to date.

The Need

Many species are threatened, especially those not useful to humans though they are most important to other life forms and in many cases indirectly valuable to us. Other species are over exploited. Humanity was born in the forest and this legacy must be respected for our own well-being & true health.

The Solution

To restore social health through biodiversity restoration and serve nature to serve ourselves. DNA is a living seed bank that can help restore genetic diversity to the wild as needed. Offer youth a place of deep-felt connection with the rest of life as a meaningful alternative to the virtual world.

Our Impact

DNA study and grow hundreds of native trees and shrubs nowhere found in other botanical gardens. They don't discriminate with regard to a species' "usefulness." At the same time, they also plant species in naturally attractive landscapes with some other species from round the world.

With your help, DNA plans to open to the public as an ecotourism destination based on a safari park model to give to all the visitors, and especially those from urban areas, a wild-felt, immersive experience in nature.  Since 2005, they have been developing and protecting over 400 acres of what was once semi-arid “wasteland,” formerly abused through decades of unsustainable agricultural practices and the over grazing of livestock. Now there is a robust tropical dry jungle of trees, shrubs and grasses. Please visit their website to learn much more.

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Issue AreaEnvironment

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