COVID-19 Pandemic Response: Thailand

Support local nonprofits responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand


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Give2Asia is partnering with trusted nonprofit organizations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Donate online to support local relief efforts.


More than 200 positive cases were found in early January as the Omicron variant keeps rising. Bangkok contributed the highest numbers of confirmed cases and Thailand has reported the first death from the new variant.

The Thai Government is now considering a mandatory of health protocol implementation, restrictions on public places, and social distancing. There are concerns that without it the confirmed cases will quickly rise to double or triple the current numbers.


Give2Asia’s disaster response program funds both immediate needs and long-term recovery. Currently, our funding priorities in Thailand include: 

  • Medical supplies for health care workers 
  • COVID-19 prevention and control information for vulnerable groups 
  • Income generation and career support for those affected by the closure of businesses due to COVID-19 pandemic 

Photo and banner courtesy of RaksThai

FEATURED PARTNERS (partial list)

Several of our local NGO partners in Thailand include: 

The Life Skill Development Foundation 

  • Provides vulnerable children and village daycare centers with key messages and information with guided actions for COVID-19 prevention and control 
  • Produces child-friendly ebooks, posters, leaflets, signs, and fliers for online and offline distribution 
  • Manages training and workshop for school teachers and daycare centers 

Baan Dek Foundation

  • Protecting the health and safety of the migrant children and their families
  • Providing critical donations of food and WASH-related items (hygiene products and cleaning supplies) to families
  • Implementing public health awareness campaigns in the communities.

Raks Thai Foundation 

  • Empowers women and girls in marginalized settings to prepare and respond to COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Supports at-risk migrant workers and their families
  • Provides medical supplies to front line healthcare workers 

Photo courtesy of iCare

iCare Thailand Foundation 

  • Provides care-kits for elderly, orphans, and persons with disabilities 
  • Supports Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) efforts to disseminate correct information on COVID-19 prevention and care 


Click the “Donate Online” button above to make a credit card donation. For large gifts (via check, bank transfer, stock, or cryptocurrency) or corporate giving opportunities, please contact our international giving team.


In 2021, Give2Asia published a progress report on COVID-19 relief efforts across Asia. You can also read our previous report from 2020.

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