COVID-19 Pandemic Response: Malaysia

Support local nonprofits responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia


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Give2Asia is partnering with trusted nonprofit organizations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Donate online to support local relief efforts.


The number of positive cases increasingly since last month after recording 200 omicron cases a day in mid-January 2022. Confirmed new cases on February 23, 2022 reached 31,199.

Most confirmed cases are transmitted locally, and only 3.5% of total case records were imported. Unfortunately, the trend occurs in the midst of increased travel. According to US CDC, Malaysia has been added to the level 4 country list in which a very high-risk country to be visited.


Give2Asia’s disaster response program funds both immediate needs and long-term recovery. Currently, our funding priorities in Malaysia include: 

  • Supporting public health authorities and local agencies by providing PPEs, medical tents, and staff for hospitals
  • Food support and livelihood recovery
  • Raising community awareness, risk communication & community engagement on the importance of vaccination

FEATURED PARTNERS (partial list)

Our local NGO partners in Malaysia include: 

The Lost Food Project

The Lost Food Project exists to rescue edible and nutritious food before it is disposed of into landfill and distribute to those who are most in need. As a food bank organization, it tackles some of the biggest issues of today, food poverty and environmental sustainability, while at the same time, reducing costs for both industry and the government. Lost Food Project provides daily meals for communities who fall under the B40 classification, which is defined as those below the median income threshold, and people under the care of charities in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley.

Food Aid Foundation

Incorporated in 2013, Food Aid Foundation (FAF) is a charitable foundation established with a mission to alleviate hunger by rescuing surplus food from the supply chain and distributing it to the poor across the country. Every month, FAF reaches 23,000 people in their food bank program. In 2015, FAF started a program that provides training and entrepreneurship opportunities to low-income groups that work in the food industry. To help respond to Covid-19 pandemic, FAF provide food relief for underprivileged families living in low-cost housing in big cities in Malaysia, especially KL and Selangor, by serving and distributing free cooked food from a mobile food truck.

The Giving Bank

The Giving Bank is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded since December 2016. Also known as TGB, they aim to enforce and instil the pillars of giving under 4 main pillars, Education, Health, Humanity Culture and Environment. The founder of TGB together with his team has made a pledge to give and to serve those who are in desperate need so that they can have access to a better and quality life. TGB support hospitals and local healthcare facilities in improving healthcare service through delivery of medical equipment, home service for patients in need, and safety gears for frontline health workers.

Penang Hospice Society

The Penang Hospice Society was registered in 2001 and functions as a charitable non- governmental organization in the community. Currently it provides holistic medical care in the homes of patients with advanced life limiting diseases, mainly cancer along with non- cancer patients. Patients with pre-existing conditions especially those with advanced Cancer are very vulnerable to Covid-19. They also need specific health conditions to receive vaccines, and urgent medical support for these patients is often put in lower priority compared to patients with Covid-19. Through the Hospice at Home Program (HHP), PHS will continue their free home care service to cancer patient and families and provide training and psychosocial support for the caregivers and the families.

Mercy Malaysia

For Covid-19 relief work, Mercy Malaysia continues to do vaccination drives for the vulnerable population in rural areas (indigenous groups, the disabled, the elderly). They also currently need PPEs and medical equipment for various hospitals and local clinics.


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In 2021, Give2Asia published a progress report on COVID-19 relief efforts across Asia. You can also read our previous report.

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