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Cultivating young leaders

We support good non-profit projects in China. For a better future, for all.

ChinaNext Foundation (CNF) supports and cultivates the young leaders (“Next Leaders”) of a collection of good non-profit projects in China, selected through a rigorous and competitive process. We provide all around support and supervision to the Next Leaders and represent them in the international community. We do this to sow the seeds of a reliable civil society in China, and in turn help to create a better future for the world.

Next Leaders work on a huge variety of social and environmental issues. They range from ocean and marine life protection, equal education opportunities, to supporting the articulation disordered children, to enhancing citizen participation at the local levels. They work around every corner of Chinese provinces.

Whilst each Next Leader focuses on her own specialized area, we provide centralized management services including financial and risk control, HR, reporting, joint marketing, and make sure high governance standards are applied by putting all projects under the supervision of CNF Trustee Board. By helping the leaders, we improve the governance standards, operational efficiency and efficacy of Chinese NGOs.

The high quality and sustainability of NextLeaders’ works have won them prestigious awards in their respective issue areas. Among our seven NextLeaders to date, we have 2 UN Young Champions of the World, 1 Forbes 30 under 30, and won countless medals in national and international competitions.

We are here to represent and help Next Leaders gain support from and collaborate with others in the international sphere. We hope that visionary leaders of the world unite to face global problems, and believe this is the best way towards a better shared future.

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