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Cultivating young leaders

Supporting good non-profit projects in China. For a better future, for all.

ChinaNext Foundation (CNF) supports and cultivates the young leaders (“Next Leaders”) of a collection of good non-profit projects in China, selected through a rigorous and competitive process. CNF provides all around support and supervision to the Next Leaders and represent them in the international community. CNF does this to sow the seeds of a reliable civil society in China, and in turn help to create a better future for the world.

Nature Epic, founded by Chuanhui Zhu in 2017, is part of ChinaNext Foundation (CNF), and Chuanhui is one of CNF’s NextLeaders. CNF creates NGO leaders in China, provides continuous mentorship and guidance for them, and propels them to carry out projects which are sustainable, measurably effective, and scalable in the future:

I am Chuanhui, a nature conservationist, writer, educator, and winner of the UNEP Young Champions of the Earth award. As a conservationist, I have seen more and more species on the list of endangered species, I’ve seen too many failures in conservation happened all over the world. What is more terrible than extinction is the people’s oblivion.

Like many beautiful things, the story of nature conservancy cannot be passed on to children through blood. But it must be won, guarded, and handed over to our next generation to do the same right thing. So I founded “NATURE EPIC”*, a public welfare project, based on “Andy’s Adventure”, a fairy tale about nature created by me, and extended various forms such as audio stories, picture books, games and children’s plays, to awaken children to the love of nature, from love to care, from care to action, to protect our common home. May the nature always be your guide.

CNF aims to raise $7,500 from 300 donors within three month to launch a program to translate and publish the “Andy’s Adventure” picture books to English version, and disseminate those books to children who lives in under developed countries.

Please kindly make a $25 donation today, which will give one child at least one nature educational story book to read.

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