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Children of the Mekong


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Education is at the heart of their work. Since 1958, Children of the Mekong supports children in Southeast Asia.

Child sponsorship is the main way the organization supports children. In 2019, their work had an impact on 22,000 sponsored children and 60,000 supported children who were able to access education, build their lives and find employment. Every year, Children of the Mekong supports around 100 development projects (such as schools or accommodation for pupils) and manages 10 centres and 78 boarding houses.

Children of the Mekong operates in 6 countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The work of the organization is guided by their core values of respect for all, regardless of circumstances, culture or religion, but also building trust, bond and long term loyalty.

With 85.1% of charitable expenditure, their priority is to keep their core costs as low as possible to support even more children.

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