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Bacolod Street Kids Feeding, Training and Livelihood Program Inc.


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Combating poverty and child abuse

Bacolod Street Kids Feeding, Training and Livelihood Program Inc. is a charity helping innocent children and their families combat poverty and child abuse. The organization is based in Bacolod, one of the most populated and poorest cities in an already poor country, the Philippines. The organization has grown out of pure volunteer efforts and now rents a facility (located in the midst of the poorest neighborhood) where the programs are housed.

Bacolod Street Kids Feeding, Training and Livelihood Program, Inc. provides transformational opportunities to street children and their families. Missions are accomplished by establishing programs to engage, build, equip, and empower children and their families to be good, honorable, and self-sufficient individuals. The vision is to deliver on this promise to the street children and their families throughout Bacolod City and eventually, throughout the Philippines.

Current programs include a Feeding Ministry where doors are open to the hungry children to keep them off the streets; Education to teach moral values, hygiene and health, leadership skills and home skills and Livelihood program for parents through skills and vocational training courses (housekeeping, sewing, child care, cooking) which assists them in finding job opportunities.

The charity have grown to serve over 120 kids and their families. With proper funding, more children and families can be reached.

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