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BIS is a parent co-operative which firmly believes that education is a combined effort.


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The Bombay International School (BIS), the small school with a big heart, is also a voice that is heard and respected far and wide in the world of education. It is a unique institution, founded in 1962 by a group of visionary parents who, being dissatisfied with the options available for their children, set out to establish something different.
A parent cooperative, the BIS is led by a Governing Body consisting of the Trustees, Founder Members, elected Parent Members and Principal. It is guided by a constitution, drafted by the Founders, which spells out the guidelines and framework for the school, and ensures a continuity of philosophy and approach.
Over the years, BIS has adapted and evolved to the needs of the day, always offering its students an outstanding learning experience.
It is now designated a top International Baccalaureate( IB) school by reputed agencies.

Educational initiatives

BIS has been an early adopter of integrated learning where the curriculum has no boundaries and children are exposed to a stimulating environment to ‘learning by doing’. BIS has successfully established and managed a pre-primary to grade 10 IGCSE programme. And also established the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in grades 11 and 12. The PYP program has also been introduced and accredited in the junior school.

BIS curriculum also emphasizes  non-academic   activities, community engagement and cultural programmes that provide students with opportunities to apply skills learnt in the classroom.

A parent is an important participant in BIS community and helps in many spheres of school life. Parents contribute their time and knowledge, and are valuable resources with varied perspectives to enrich the education process.

At the BIS, while academics continue to be important, we also believe in developing the responsible ‘global citizen’- one who is able to take on challenges with dignity. BIS, therefore, encourages participation in various international student programmes which promote a greater understanding of international issues.

Inclusion Program

BIS has been a pioneer educational institution in implementing a policy of inclusion. This program is game changer for children (and their communities) who would otherwise not get access to private education. The school firmly believes that inclusion benefits not just students with special needs, but also teaches the others values of care, compassion and empathy. Special educators, counsellors and assistant teachers support the teaching of SEN students in junior school. BIS also promotes socio-economic inclusion. Our Inclusion and Diversity Committee align these efforts.

BIS would like to build on the good work that has been done so far forward and set the stage for next set of high impact initiatives. This will only be possible with the active support of donors.

Donations raised via Give2Asia will be used for the Educational initiatives and Inclusion program.

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