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Better online giving: smarter forms, monthly donations, and lower credit card fees

Give2Asia’s new donation forms make it easier for donors to give from more locations—and with lower credit card fees.

Give2Asia partners with hundreds of trusted overseas charities to support their international donors. To improve the online giving experience, we recently launched new donation forms on every Give2Asia fundraising page.

This post introduces the new donation forms and explains how our partner charities can share them with donors. For donors who already support a favorite cause through Give2Asia, find their fundraising page to donate.

Give donors a better experience

The new form is shorter, mobile-friendly, and embedded directly on each Give2Asia fund page. These changes will provide a better experience for donors, resulting in more donations for our partner charities and projects. Here is a view of the full donation process:

Accept monthly donations

The new form makes it easier for donors to set up an automatic monthly donation to support any Friends Fund at Give2Asia. This is a great way for donors to give ongoing support that charities can count on.

Fundraise in multiple geographies

For organizations with more than one Friends Fund at Give2Asia (e.g. in the US, Australia, and Hong Kong SAR PRC), donors can now select which fund they wish to support.

Give2Asia’s website will show the correct form based on a donor’s geographic location, and donors can also change it manually. This option won’t appear for organizations that only have one Friends Fund.

Benefit from lower credit card fees

The new donation forms are powered by Stripe, a leading payment processor. Stripe offers Give2Asia a significant nonprofit discount on their credit card fees. This means more of each donation will go our charity partners.

Donation form FAQ for charities

How can my organization access the new donation form?

The new donation form is now available on your Give2Asia fund page. Your old donation form will not be upgraded, so we recommend sharing the new form with your donors to take advantage of the benefits described above.

Will my old Give2Asia donation page still work?

Yes, your old donation form will continue to work just as it did before. It will not benefit from the lower credit card fees, so we recommend updating the links on your website to the new form.

What is my new donation form link?

You can share a direct link to your donation form by adding #donate to your Give2Asia fund page URL. For example, the new donation link for our partner SEEDS is

If you don’t know your fund page URL, you can search for it here or email for assistance.

Will the new donation form work outside the US?

Yes, Stripe (our new payment processor) supports a variety of credit cards across 135 countries. However, we can’t guarantee the form will work outside the US, Australia, and Hong Kong SAR PRC.

It’s also important to know that donations will only be eligible for tax benefits in the jurisdictions where your Friends Fund(s) are located. A donor in the UK can support an American Friends Fund, but they will still get a US tax receipt.

What are the new credit card fees?

All credit card donations are subject to a fee collected by the payment processor. Donations made through the new form will benefit from Stripe’s nonprofit discount. As of December 2021, these fees are:

USD donations:

2.2% + 30¢ for non-AmEx transactions
3.5% for AmEx transactions

AUD donations:

1.4% + 30c for domestic V/MC transactions
1.75% + 30c for domestic AmEx transactions
2.9% + 30c for int’l transactions

HKD donations:

Domestic V/MC: 1.55% + HKD 2.35
Intl V/MC and all Amex: 3.4% + HKD 2.35

Does Give2Asia support other donation methods?

Yes! Give2Asia supports many other types of gifts, including: bank transfers, paper checks, securities, and cryptocurrency. To learn more about these giving options, visit our How to Give page.

Additional Questions?

We hope this new donation form will provide a better giving experience for our charity partners and their donors. If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to

We also have an FAQ page for donors and an FAQ page for charities with answers to many common questions about international giving.


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