Yayasan Benih Baik Indonesia

Cultivate kindness while there is still a chance.


Issue AreaSocial Services

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Our Mission

Yayasan Benih Baik Indonesia has a mission to continuously spread kindness through social movements since 2019. They have been conducting many collaborations with parties who have similar vision and mission in delivering sustainable solutions and creating positive social impact in Indonesia.

The Need

The Covid-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, education, and other fundamental sectors. The number of Indonesians living in poverty rose by 2.76 million to reach 27.55 million of the population in September 2020, from 24.79 million in September 2019 amid the pandemic.

The Solution

Yayasan Benih Baik Indonesia focuses on helping people in need and vulnerable groups in improving the quality of life across Indonesia. The programs include education supports for underprivileged children, economic empowerment and rural development, environmental preservation, and food security.

Our Impact

Since 2019, Yayasan Benih Baik Indonesia has been helping more than 11.000 children to get educational supplies and access to education, empowering local communities and villagers to gain various capacity-building trainings, and other programs in the scope of livelihood improvement.

About this Organization

Issue AreaSocial Services

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