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The Beautiful Foundation

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LocationSouth Korea

Issue AreaHealth

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Support Medical Costs of Premature Babies

The Beautiful Foundation is a nonprofit foundation founded by the voluntary participation of citizens under the vision of “spreading the culture of sharing in daily life on the path toward a society for all” in 2000. Main programs are 1% Sharing Campaign for the spread of the culture of giving, fundraising, corporate social responsibility activities support, local grass-root organizations support, socially marginalized groups and future generation support, and research for the advancement of the culture of giving and projects aimed at improving institutions.

Ileundung-i, a newly coined Korean word, refers to premature babies with birth weight less than 2.5kg or born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. The Foundation supports the medical costs for Ileundung-i, so that young lives are not given up for economic reasons. The Foundation endeavours to create an environment where preemies born in Korea receive ample treatment and can grow in a safe and healthy condition.


The mission is to help all preterm babies grow to be healthy and to help the families of preterm babies from being defeated by adversity.


  • To lower the rate of cessation of treatment for preterm babies and to increase the rehabilitative care provision rate.
  • To build a support system that allows the families of preterm babies to easily ask for help.
  • To raise healthy social awareness surrounding preterm birth and to change the support system.


Preterm Baby Treatment Costs Support Project

  • Initial hospitalization and treatment costs support project
  • Re-admission and treatment costs support project
  • Rehabilitative therapy costs support project

Preterm Baby Environment Creation Support Project

  • Research and expert conferences
  • Establishment of professional information network related to preterm baby care

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LocationSouth Korea
Issue AreaHealth

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