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Board Director Training Institute of Japan (BDTI)


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Better Management

The Board Director Training Institute of Japan (BDTI) is a non- profit incorporated association dedicated to improving corporate governance and related management processes in Japan. BDTI’s primary mission is to train directors, statutory auditors, and managers regarding corporate governance, effective board practices, and compliance. BDTI’s focus is on the entire board and those who support it, including both internal and external persons.

In order to spread knowledge about corporate governance and related management methods widely, BDTI provides intensive “director training” programs (in both English and Japanese) that combine corporate governance know-how with global management methods. They also provide low-cost e-Learning Courses teaching core knowledge about the Company Law, Securities Law, and corporate governance theory and practice. In addition, customized programs for enhancing director skills, or governance and compliance awareness, seminars on specific topics are led by lecturers who are experts in each respective field. BDTI provides consulting to corporations about corporate governance “best practices” and consulting to investors about governance practices in Japan and how to “engage” with companies there.

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