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Reaching the Unreached Youths

‘Youth Summit 2019: Reaching the Unreached’, a program of the Bhutan Center for Media and Democracy, is travelling to the remote districts of Eastern Bhutan to reach marginalized youths there and take them through a reflective process of self-discovery, exploration of socio-economic issues and their personal role within our young democracy. The summit creates an atmosphere of radical inclusivity and gives equal opportunities for youth regardless of their economic background, academic standing and gender identity. The program nurtures Bhutanese youth – who make up half of the population – to become socially conscious and engaged by bringing them in conversation with exemplary youth leaders. Most importantly, they also learn from each other to discover themselves and others through meaningful storytelling and exchange of ideas. Highly interactive sessions on citizenship values, team building exercises and field trips to significant social sites help spark their consciousness. At the end of the summit, they generate and present an action plan that outlines one action they can take to effect positive change within their own communities. To ensure longer-term sustainability, this Youth Summit also incorporates a ‘Training of Trainers’ component which will enable motivated and interested faculty members of partner institutions/community leaders to become facilitators. This will ensure that the Summit can continue in the following years. Youth Summit 2019 will be held in July.

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