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Reaching the unreached youth

A Youth Summit will be held for the first time in remote Eastern Bhutan to provide a much-needed platform to youths from the remote communities, where learning opportunities are fewer. 

In response to our call to create an equal and inclusive democratic society, starting December 2019, the Bhutan Center for Media and Democracy will travel to Trashigang district (eastern Bhutan) to launch the annual Youth Summit that will enable the youths from underserved communities to recognise their strengths, understand socio-economic issues, and discover their role as engaged citizens in a democracy.  At the end of each Summit, youth will present a Local Action Plan on a specific issue that they can take up to bring “positive change” in their communities. This enables them to put democracy into practise.

Through a highly interactive and experiential residential programme, the Summit will nurture Bhutanese youth – who make up more than 50 percent of the population – to become socially conscious and engaged citizens by bringing them in conversation with exemplary youth leaders, policy-makers, social workers, and elected leaders.

Interactive sessions on citizenship values, team building exercises and field trips to significant social sites help spark their consciousness. To ensure longer-term sustainability, this Youth Summit also incorporates a ‘Training of Trainers’ component which will enable motivated and interested adults and youth leaders to become peer-facilitators. The Youth Summit  in Eastern Bhutan will begin from December 2019.

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