Assisting local farmer cooperatives to create successful agricultural enterprises.


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Our Mission

To develop rural Cambodians’ abilities to provide enough water and food year-round by building small-scale infrastructure for water retention, purification, and food production and the training needed to create, maintain and properly use this infrastructure.

The Need

Small-holder farmers in Cambodia often need help to get fair prices and find markets for their products. Vulnerable households in rural Cambodia are increasingly unable to obtain necessities like food, shelter, and health care when needed.

The Solution

Bareebo assists a farmer cooperative in creating agricultural enterprises and finding markets for their products. Bareebo supports the elderly, disabled, orphans, and other vulnerable people in attaining the necessities of life by bringing relief directly to their homes.

Our Impact

Since 2009, Bareebo has helped thousands of people gain food and water security, started a successful community bank and helped form a farmer cooperative. They have brought food, built homes, identified and transported people to get cataract surgeries, helping thousands of the most vulnerable.

Bareebo: Tuk, Aha, Sahmahtuhpeeup in Khmer stands for Enough: Water, Food, Ability. At Bareebo, they believe people should have access to clean water, healthy food, and opportunities to improve their lives. In rural Cambodia, where Bareebo works, many people lack these essentials.

When you support Bareebo, you support a dynamic community development program that serves those with the abilities and desire to improve their lives and those who cannot provide themselves with the necessities of life.

Bareebo works with the farmer cooperative they helped form in 2020, the Thomacheat Prasat Banan Agriculture Cooperative (TPBAC). Together, they are building community-owned and operated enterprises. In 2023-25, they will focus on creating locally sourced and made agricultural products, such as compost and natural fertilizers.

With over 13 years of experience serving our communities, Bareebo know that some struggle to obtain life’s necessities. The elderly and infirm, people suffering from physical and emotional disabilities and traumas, and children not getting the essentials they need. To these vulnerable human beings, Bareebo provides food, shelter, health services, and whatever else we can.

They love people, and  the work they do.

Please support Bareebo’s work and know you are doing something positive in the world.

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Issue AreaLivelihood

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