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Bamboo Organ Foundation, Inc.


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Caring for the Bamboo Organ

The Bamboo Organ Foundation, Inc. (BOFI) is the arm of the Parish of St. Joseph which takes care of the Bamboo Organ and all its related activities, the yearly International Bamboo Organ Festival being the most important. The organ is unique as being the only organ in the world to be made out of bamboo. The restoration of the Bamboo Organ ushered in a renaissance of the organ culture in the country and resulted over the years in the restoration of 10 more out of 14 surviving Spanish pipe organs.

The International Bamboo Organ Festival was initiated in 1976, one year after the organ was returned after its restoration in Germany. Once a year, the church shared the sound of the Bamboo Organ under the best possible conditions with the general public. This occurred thanks to the generous support of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the foreign cultural agencies in Manila. After the financial crisis of 2008 , funding for the yearly festival has since dwindled, and its educational program has been continuously under threat.

The yearly Festival is a series of concerts that helps educate the local population on the history of music and colonial presence in the Philippines.The objective of the Festival with its high standards was to be a tool of development of the youth through music. It allows Filipinos to revisit their musical past, 300 years of colonial presence of Spain, of which the pipe organs are at present the few tangible witnesses of a forgotten era.

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