Association Philippe Jabre

Meeting the needs of underprivileged youth and families in Lebanese society.


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Our Mission

The mission is to help alleviate the financial burden borne by some Lebanese, and to give them access to education and healthcare. In doing so, APJ seeks to strengthen the solidarity between people out of a shared belief in better social justice.

The Need

Young and academically gifted Lebanese seek to further their higher education and build their future, despite modest backgrounds and difficult financial circumstances. Regular people and families are struggling to put food on the table, find the means for basic medical care, and go to school.

The Solution

The APJ grants university scholarships to students, enables access to schooling and healthcare, and provides financial support to institutions involved in academia, socio-medical initiatives and culture. It does so with fairness and without discrimination.

Our Impact

Since 2001, they have awarded more than 2,500 scholarships for graduate and postgraduate programs in Lebanon and abroad, helped over 8,900 individuals with basic needs and medical care and financially supported other like-minded associations and organizations in Lebanon.

For over 20 years, the not-for-profit Association Philippe Jabre has been engaged in its mission to meet the needs of the underprivileged in Lebanese society.

With the Covid pandemic, financial crisis, and dire economic outlook, poverty in Lebanon is increasing, the middle class has disappeared, and the cost of living is expensive. Even the basics that we take for granted, like buying food, getting medical treatment, or acquiring training and education is done with difficulty.

Philippe Jabre, who had already a number of sponsorship initiatives going in his personal capacity, decided to professionalize and institutionalize his activities in 2001 by creating a specialized structure whose purpose would be to help the poorest and the underprivileged. He decided to use his successes to give back to those who have not had the same opportunities and to help them overcome difficult situations. He established the APJ because he believes in the potential of the Lebanese and social, cultural and economic development of Lebanon.

Beyond economic aid, the APJ also aims to transmit the message:

It is together with others that we most likely succeed. The acquisition of diplomas and degrees is a necessary, but not the ultimate, step in one’s journey to success. Everyone can contribute through their personal success towards sustainable development and peace.

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Issue AreaEducation

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