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Bridging Over Learning Disabilities

The Dr. Anjali Morris Education & Health Foundation (AMF) was founded by Dr. Anjali Morris & Late Mr. Umakant Joshi in 2008 to enable academic success in students with Learning Disabilities/Disorders by teaching them strategies and skills in individual & group settings. A Learning Disability/Disorder (LD) is a neurobiological disorder wherein a normal or higher intelligence brain is wired differently. It thus works and learns differently. These children may have difficulty in reading (Dyslexia), writing (Dysgraphia), math (Dyscalculia) and comprehension. The Foundation reaches out to students directly through its Bridging Over Learning Disabilities (BOLD) Program wherein students are assessed for LD and offered evidence-based interventions on an individual level, or in small groups, using multisensory techniques and standard treatment protocols. AMF also trains mainstream teachers under its Teachers’ Training Program, conducts workshops for teachers and parents besides creating awareness in the community. In its Technically Assisted Projects, AMF helps schools set up their own resource centres for children with LD providing structured collaboration for 3 years. AMF has also launched a path breaking research project for developing Curriculum Measures in Marathi (a local language) to assess children at risk of LD. The Foundation is a Global Partner with the International Dyslexia Association.

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