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Afghanistan Crisis Appeal

The Afghan Taliban now controls the country, including the capital Kabul. In recent weeks, innocent men, women and children have been injured and killed in armed clashes, airstrikes, detonations of improvised explosive devices and shelling. The violence also destroyed peoples’ homes, shops and hospitals. The hospitals that remain standing are having to treat people wounded by conflict, with little resources left for other things.

Huge numbers of people are being driven from their homes in search of safety and ever more families are being forced into difficult and dangerous situations. In the first half of this year alone, over two hundred and eighty-seven thousand people fled their homes as a result of conflict, settling in communities that were already at breaking point. Over the past week, this figure has grown dramatically.

The situation remains tense, volatile and unpredictable and families across the country are fearful. The thousands of men, women and children who have no home and no belongings are the most at risk.

Afghanaid’s response

Afghanaid calls for a stop to the fighting and appeals for support for those families whose lives have been affected. As with previous times of difficulty, they will continue to work alongside local people to help them overcome the challenges they face, and prepare for a more peaceful future for the country.

Afghanaid are working hard to ensure the safety of their staff and where possible have re-opened a number of the offices to continue work in supporting remote rural communities. They are delivering emergency support to families whose lives have been destroyed or uprooted by the conflict. This includes providing:

  • financial support so families can keep a roof over their heads;
  • kitchen kits so that they can cook and safely store food;
  • the support they need to heat their homes and keep their families warm;
  • hygiene kits including laundry soap and hand soap;
  • items such as solar powered lamps, stoves and gas cylinders;
  • emergency food parcels.

With this support, more families will be able to keep their children safe, clean and healthy, and protect themselves against further risks.

How can you help?

Approximately six times the number of people in Afghanistan are in need of humanitarian assistance in 2021 as compared to four years ago. Together, we can make a real difference to these people. Donate today to support families who need it most.

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Issue AreaLivelihood

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