Rescuing girls from sex trafficking, rape and exploitation since 1996


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Our Mission

Rescue girls from sex trafficking, rape and exploitation, providing immediate safety, shelter and the support they need to recover. Rehabilitation programs encompass counseling, medical care, legal aid and education, equipping survivors with tools to rebuild their lives with resilience and hope.

The Need

AFESIP relies on your support to sustain crucial operations and make a lasting impact. Contributions help with pressing needs, providing essential resources such as accommodation, education, food, medical and psychological supports, legal services, staffing, and other operational costs.

The Solution

AFESIP is dedicated in its efforts to break the cycle of trafficking, rape, and exploitation in Cambodia through: Rescue, Recovery, and Restoration. They rescue victims, provide immediate safety, and offer comprehensive services to support survivors in rebuilding their lives with dignity and hope.

Our Impact

Since 1996, AFESIP has been making a significant impact in the fight against trafficking, rape, and exploitation by supporting victims, advocating for legislative changes, bringing perpetrators to justice and preventing generational trafficking. Today, AFESIP supports more than 150 survivors.

The devastating impact of the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s, has had a significant impact on the prevalence of slavery in Cambodia. Torture, starvation, and mass murder resulted in a demographic collapse, deurbanization, and an agrarian society, leading to severe economic devastation. Today, Cambodia is still striving to recover, with its inhabitants living on an average of only $135 USD per month. The majority of the population is young, with over 50% being under 25 years old. This new generation has inherited the traumas inflicted upon their people and faces the ongoing repercussions. Consequently, a deeply misogynistic society prevails, where domestic violence and discrimination against women are widespread. This has created an environment where vulnerabilities are heightened, leaving women and girls at a higher risk of exploitation, including human trafficking and slavery.

As one of the poorest countries globally, Cambodia faces significant challenges in funding rehabilitation centers locally. In addition to some very long standing and loyal donors both locally and internationally the Centre has also received strong support from the Cambodian Government with the establishment of a new building to house the girls as well as on-going support for the running of the Centre.

AFESIP is dedicated in its efforts to break the cycle of trafficking, rape, and exploitation in Cambodia through:

  1. Rescue, Recovery, and Restoration: They rescue victims, provide immediate safety, and offer comprehensive recovery programs to support survivors in rebuilding their lives with dignity and hope.
  2. Prevention: Through awareness-raising, education, and targeted outreach, they work to prevent trafficking and exploitation by addressing root causes and empowering vulnerable communities.
  3. Collaboration: They actively collaborate with government agencies, law enforcement, and local communities to advocate for stronger legal frameworks, policy changes, and community engagement to protect survivors and hold perpetrators accountable.
  4. Economic Recovery: They promote economic empowerment by providing survivors with education, vocational training, job placement assistance, and support for small business development, helping them achieve financial independence and break free from the cycle of exploitation.

Today, AFESIP supports 151 survivors. 131 of them are at school ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  17 girls are studying at university and 3 are undertaking vocational skills training. 76 of the girls live at AFESIP’s recovery center (the Tom Dy Center) while the rest are being supported with reintegration back to their families or in independent living.

Approximately 80% of the female staff at AFESIP are survivors themselves, bringing firsthand experience, empathy, and understanding to their vital roles in supporting survivors on their journey to recovery.

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Issue AreaSocial Services

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