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HDO envisions a prosperous society where every member has a dignified life


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Human Development Organization is a Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Developmental Organization. Established in March 2009, registered under Pakistani Laws, recognized and granted a certificate by Pakistan Center for Philanthropists as Non-Profit Organization (NPO), and signed an MoU with Economic Affairs Division (EAD) to carry out work. HDO is an active filer with the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) and has tax exemption status under section 2(36) (c) RTO Peshawar. HDO’s primary goal is to minimize the suffering of human beings, provide relief & rehabilitation during emergencies, and build their capacity for all kinds of hazards across Pakistan without discrimination on race, caste, religion, culture, and social status of residents among society. HDO intends to work for the poorest and vulnerable people where ignorance and poverty violate basic human rights. HDO has provided technical and financial support to more than a thousand families across Pakistan. HDO strives to empower communities with financial, leadership, and skill development programs that prepare women and youth for future challenges. 

The recent devastating monsoon rains have now engulfed the whole country. Thirty million people, including women and children, are affected and homeless. All their assets lasted in the flood. One thousand people died—weather forecaster forecast for further heavy rain. Pakistan is already on the brink of a financial collapse, and there’s a tightrope in front of a weak economy. There is a possibility of mass bankruptcies, starvation, and human being last. Most of the population are daily wagers and hand carts labor, and most already live beneath the poverty line. The flooding has further exacerbated their miseries.

HDO wants to implement Emergency Flood Relief & Rehabilitation Program and deliver food rations and temporary shelter to the less fortunate household. Initially, the goal is to raise $ 300,000 to help 2000 families, including 20,000 individuals, including children and women, that we cannot help.

The success came from individuals like you. You not only brought friends and family to the event but secured an average of eight personal sponsors for your participation.

It’s so exciting. Let’s see how much more we can do together this time for humanity.

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Issue AreaSocial Services

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