Taiwan Media Watch

Established in 1999, Taiwan Media Watch (TMW) was the first non-profit media watch in Taiwan. We have carried out the responsibilities of maintaining press freedom, carrying out media justice, promoting media self-regulation, and protecting the public’s right to know through various forms of media and TV program evaluations.

Following the reorganization of TMW’s Board of Directors in December 2011, Dr. Jei-cheng Cheng, professor of journalism, former president of National Chengchi University, and the former minister of education, became the 5th President of the Board. With proliferation in the mainstream media of placement marketing, political ideologies, entertainment, pornography, and violence, we continue to work on media reform to build a better and healthier media environment, focusing on Media Watch and specific media groups or media reform issues for analysis, discussion, and review.

Taiwan Media Watch is committed to being fair, professional, conscientious, and transparent. As the media’s good partner, we will work together with media-related civic groups to analyze, investigate, or review related issues, and coordinate and cooperate with the media in fair and reasonable ways. We will keep reminding ourselves to make improvements. We expect and firmly believe that, with the joint contribution of various civil forces, our goals can be realized.

VISIT THEIR WEBSITE http://mediawatch.org.tw

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