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amaAMA Vietnam Ltd is a non-profit educational foundation based in Singapore that focuses on Vietnam. AMA’s mission is to improve the quality of education in Vietnam gradually by inspiring and improving one teacher at a time. AMA’s scholarship program offers financial and developmental support to teachers and students studying to become future teachers in Vietnam. Their latest project is the Phước Thiện school.In Vietnam, some of the poorest students attend university to become teachers. Unfortunately, teaching is also one of the most under-paid professions in Vietnam, where many struggle to support themselves. Many drop out of the profession if their salaries cannot support themselves and/or their families. Many others are forced to work two jobs in order to meet their rising living costs, which will likely lead to deterioration in the quality of their teaching at school. This is the vicious cycle that AMA strives to change over time.

AMA works to make a tangible impact on each teacher’s life and the quality of their teaching for students in the future. As a result, they can achieve a multiplier effect on the quality of education in Vietnam, addressing poverty and improving lives while advancing educational development in the long run.

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Aid Afghanistan for Education

Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE) provides education for 3000 female and 104 male students in 9 provinces. AAE focuses on marginalized Afghans who were deprived of education during the years of war or don’t have access to formal education now due to early marriage, age, or returnees from Pakistan and Iran with no documentation. AAE works closely with the Ministry of Education (MoE) to ensure the students receive their high school diploma from MoE upon their graduation from AAE school. Since 2007, 1009 female students have graduated from 12th grade and most of them are now at universities or holding jobs and supporting their families.AAE, also, provides vocational training, office management and basic accounting, for students in 12th grade to prepare them for the job market, if they wish not to continue with higher education.For just $1.50 per day, or $45 per month, you can fully support the education of one Afghan, and help bring peace and prosperity through education to Afghanistan. Students in kabul school khayerkhanaThe only way for a nation to be sovereign and practice self-determination is when the people are educated and can think for themselves. Education empowers people and once a society is empowered, nothing will hold them back from achieving their potential. I believe in the potential of all Afghans. -Hassina Sherjan, Founder and CEO of Aid Afghanistan for Education


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Action For India

Action For India’s (AFI) mission is to help social innovators in India overcome barriers to scale and achieve greater impact at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP). We believe in the pivotal role that technology plays in scaling market-based solutions, and we work to connect social innovators in India with impact investors, mentors, and technology experts worldwide. Launched in 2012, AFI is inspired and guided by Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the Prime Minister of India and Chairman of the National Innovation Council of India. AFI is headquartered in New Delhi, India and has a chapter in Silicon Valley, California



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Asian Venture Philanthropy Network

The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) is growing and developing the venture philanthropy community across the Asia Pacific region. We promote venture philanthropy in the broader philanthropic and social investment communities and provide specific networking and learning activities. AVPN is a non-profit organization based in Singapore with membership across the Asian region. We are supported by grant funding, sponsors, partner organizations and contributions from members.

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The Alliance Cultural Foundation Fund

The Alliance Cultural Foundation was founded in 2009 to promote sustainable economic development in the Hualien-Taidong (“Huadong”) Region of Taiwan, which is populated by many aborigine tribes with rich cultural traditions but poor economic resources. Alliance’s mission is to build a platform that provides talented but underprivileged indigenous youth with learning and employment opportunities. Alliance hopes this mission will be shared by other foundations and interested non-profits.

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Agastya Bandhu Program

The Bandhu program is an opportunity for young adults in US to engage in hands-on mentoring that will benefit children from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.
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Access Quality International: New Hope Fund

With your support, AQI seeks to strengthen the organizational effectiveness of its local NGO partners throughout Asia and beyond, providing high quality technical support, skills and capacity building. This would empower NGOs to make significant difference for clients, whilst adhering to international quality standards and donor guidelines. [Read more...]

Ashray Akruti

The fund will support the education and rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired Children of Ashray Akruti. In India every year 25,000 children are born with hearing impairment. Hearing Impairment is an unseen disability which doesn’t evoke immediate support. Recognizing the need to provide special educational facilities to the children with hearing impairment, School for the Hearing Impaired was founded by Ashray Akruti in 1996 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. What started with just five children in 1996 now caters to the educational needs of 185 children.

So far more than 130 hearing impaired children have been integrated into the normal schools, colleges and universities. Hearing impaired children from outside Hyderabad avail residential facilities provided by Ashray Akruti. Early Intervention Centre for Hearing impaired babies and the Multimedia Computer and Animation Training Centre for Hearing Impaired Youth are the two other new services that were initiated by the organization in the recent years.

The organization has been following several unique techniques in imparting special education to the hearing impaired children, the main feature being that the children are trained in Oral Aural Method of communication. The focus is to enhance the residual hearing power of the children thus encouraging the children to speak rather than rely on sign language for communication. The institution encourages participation of the mothers in effective development of their children. All the staff members are well equipped to train hearing impaired children. Children are given special training in auditory and verbal skills and also coached for SSC Board examinations of Government of Andhra Pradesh State. The institution steadfastly maintains a low teacher-student ratio, which enables a special child to get the individual attention.

The philosophy of Ashray Akruti is to help children break the walls of silence, as they believe that every child has the right to learn in his/her own special way and that every child should have the freedom to express himself/herself through speech. [Read more...]

Artists Help Japan – Earthquake & Tsunami 2011

On March 11, a 9.0 earthquake struck off the northeast coast of Japan near the city of Sendai. The earthquake generated a massive tsunami with waves as high as 30 feet, immediately resulting in floods, fires and the closure of airports and transit systems. Thousands of people are either dead or missing, and homes, fields and towns have been destroyed by flooding.

Artists Help Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund is responding to the needs of survivors through medium-term to long-term recovery projects for the affected communities. The fund is founded by Dice Tsutsumi, an art director at Pixar Animation Studios. Dice was also behind the 2008 Totoro Forest Project to help preserve Sayama Forest in Japan and the Sketchtravel Project. [Read more...]

Afghan Connection

Afghan Connection is currently fundraising for the building of Ghulam Rasool Shaheed School the remote district of Farkhar Province, North East Afghanistan, 1,000 families in the village of Naryaab are struggling to educate their children. Almost every adult woman is illiterate but parents here want their children to be educated and to have better lives. 600 girls and boys currently study in eight tents on a dusty river bed on the outskirts of the village. A new school building will provide a safe environment at the heart of the village for children to study.


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