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Give2Asia is a partner to families and individuals dedicated to making a real difference for people in need. Our services help to streamline fundraising, guide funds to effective projects, and capture the results.

Local Guidance & Research

Advised Grantmaking

Fundraising Gateway

Give2Asia can help you craft new projects, define objectives and identify world-class organizations that align with your philanthropic goals.
U.S. donors make tax-deductible gifts for charitable projects in Asia. Give2Asia assumes the administrative and legal responsibilities of making grants.
Give2Asia offers a platform for fundraising in the United States for a specific project or cause.


Exclusive Focus on Asia

Experts on the Ground

Personalized Donor Stewardship

Flexible Fund Options

Our regional focus and understanding of local needs, groups and legal requirements help make donor philanthropy more effective. Our network of staff and advisors in 23 countries make due diligence and grantmaking possible to almost any community. We provide world-class donor stewardship, an online and offline platform, and information on project status and results. Choose from a range of available fund services and investment options.


The Japan Society of Northern California is pleased to work with Give2Asia in distributing much-needed donations to Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. JSNC was able to collect donations through its own donor connections and then put those donations to meet immediate relief needs (mental health counseling, economic revitalization, etc.) thanks to Give2Asia’s on-the-ground fund distribution network. Give2Asia also offers a rigorous monitoring system to track how its funds are distributed which is a big plus.

- Andrew Neuman, President of the Japan Society of Northern California

“The Foundation has always placed a high value on education. It provides scholarships to students in need in Robert Chang’s hometown, Shanghai. Our partners at Give2Asia’s China office immediately understood what mattered most to us, connected us with the right institutions and set the wheels in motion so we could ensure funds are available to students quickly and easily. We’ve been working together for more than a decade now and together we’ve provided support for hundreds of students at Nanxun High School, Shanghai International Studies University and Shanghai Jiaotong University.”

- Allan Liu, President, The Robert N. Chang Charitable Foundation

“After leaving Pakistan and learning about Give2Asia, we were able to establish the South Asia Solidarity Fund to support the work of the former prinicipal of Fatima School, Mariam Yousef. … We also know that if Mariam needs assistance with government organizations that these same staff members are there to help out. That is why Give2Asia is more than a vehicle to make a donor-directed gift. It provides very helpful, indeed necessary, support for project success in complex environments.”

- Anonymous donor

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